Dallas MC J.Rhodes Wins 'Get In The Game' On 'RapFix Live'


By D.L. Chandler

Dallas MC-producer J. Rhodes is the latest up-and-comer to "Get In The Game" on "RapFix Live" and the bespectacled artist is making the most of his largest break yet.

When asked on his reaction to having his "Hello" video featured during the show — with former Little Brother producer 9th Wonder and fiery MC David Banner weighing in alongside host Sway — the excited rapper eloquently shared his joy in being selected.

"I mean it was crazy, it was actually surreal to me, man," J. Rhodes said. "I was joking about being on there but I uploaded my video and I got the call that I’ll be on 4:00 PM eastern and it was on."

J.Rhodes didn’t stop there. He continued to express more appreciation for the opportunity and constructive criticism from 9th and Banner.

"It’s been getting great feedback from two artists I really respect and to be on a national stage and have all these people commenting on it has been nothing but a blessing," the humbled wordsmith shared. "I took it all in stride but I really can’t say enough how much it really means."

J.Rhodes’ career began in 2004, where a young Rhodes was primarily an MC but taught himself to produce out of necessity. The rapper-turned-producer then added another feather in his cap as he taught himself how to engineer his own tracks, becoming a literal triple threat. Wining the IStandard ASCAP Producer battle this year also helped to raise his profile.

"I did it this way because after a while you get sick and tired of looking for someone," the hardworking talent said. "I began reaching out to other artists and began my own label."

And reach out he has. As a producer, Rhodes has worked with artists such as Slim Thug, Mr. Head Crack of the Rickey Smiley morning show and vocalist Phill Wade. He’s also worked with So So Def recording artist Dondria and female MC Ni-Taylor.

J.Rhodes' 80’s Baby ENT label is in its fledgling stages but the Texas native says to expect more.

"I’m on my Kanye of the south thing now but I’m ready to produce for the Young Jeezy's and Common's of the world," Rhodes said. "I’m ready to take it to the masses on a bigger level."

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