Diddy's Dirty Money Drops 'Last Train To Paris': We're Live In New York!

From Paris to New York, with love.

On Tuesday (December 14), as Diddy combs the promotional road with Dirty Money in support of their debut LP Last Train To Paris, MTV News' Sway is hanging with the trio. Beginning with New York's Hot 97 radio show to "The View," Diddy, Dawn Richard and Kalenna Harper executed their performances of "Coming Home" flawlessly as Sheri Sheppard looked on — right after media veteran Barbara Walters spoke words we never thought we'd hear from the vet. "... With his hit 'All About The Benjamins,' welcome Sean 'Diddy' Combs," said Walters on her morning talk show. Even Ms. Goldberg laughed.

Now, after meeting the Bad Boy camp at their Times Square offices in New York City's brightest district, RapFix is checking in with Sway and the team. Make sure you check back with RapFix for the most up-to-date info on Diddy-Dirty Money!

8:05 It's official, I couldn't give you all the juice. My day with Diddy-Dirty Money must come to an end. The reason? Diddy has to tend to private business. However, Kalenna and Dawn are still getting ready for the UStream party tonight at 10 p.m. Don't forget to get all your computers, laptops, iPads, iPhones,or whatever electronic device you use ready for this extravaganza. The life of a CEO/Artist is not an easy one, but from the offices, to the streets, to the studio with Justin Bieber and finally back to the offices and on to the UStream party; no one does better than @IamDiddy!!! Last Train To Paris in stores and on iTunes now! @RealSway signing out

7:50 Diddy is back on the phones doing radio interviews and prepping for the live UStream party tonight at 10pm! Man, based on how he’s described what's going to taking place in that web party, you want to make sure you have popcorn. This party is going to be serious. Turn off your cell phones, house phones and have plenty of ice to cool off!

7:30 Amazing, we just left Justin and are headed back to Sean Jean offices building. Last Train To Paris has everyone’s attention. Also, Justin’s manager, Scooter, reminded us that the first time Justin and Diddy met was at the 2009 VMAs with me on the red carpet!

7:22 Wow, Justin Bieber is recording a new song that he just wrote and produced and wanted to lay it down; I’m a Belieber right now!

6:52 I'm now in the back seat of Diddy’s customized Cadillac on 4th and 7th Ave headed to the next undisclosed location.

6:50 We all just finished watching the BET performance and Diddy just informed me, all of sudden, that we are leaving the offices to go see another artist but hasn't told me who. Stay tuned we're leaving Sean Jean offices building now.

6:45 Puff is jumping up and down screaming "It’s good to be back!" He said "This-is-my-jump-on-the-couch-moment"; in true Tom Cruise form. All of this is happening at the same time of signing business contracts with his attorneys on the top floor of the Sean Jean offices. Dawn and Kalenna are saying how proud they are to be curvaceous brown-skinned women! This group is celebrating like they're new to the game, a true testament of hustling.

6:40 Diddy-Dirty Money are watching their BET performance, dancing and going crazy.

6:37 It’s interesting that Diddy is now juggling the duties of being a CEO and an artist at the same time; he and the girls and are jumping on conference calls with radio personalities all over the country, talking about the album. He went from signing a contract to jumping on phone at same time! There are at least seven employees around him, at all times, this man is a machine.

6:35 And of course, there's a full bar displaying the colors of the rainbow with all the flavors of Ciroc. Kalenna and Dawn are ready to celebrate Diddy-Dirty Money style!

6:32 Diddy just said there's going to be a big party live on U-Stream tonight at 10pm, get your computers ready!

6:30 If you see two Black Caddy SUV's in Times Square, it’s us riding around!

6:27 Diddy said Last Train To Paris is selling well on iTunes and is competing with Michael Jackson's album Michael, amazing!

6:26 Confession time: Diddy says he doesn't know if he will ever get married, only time will tell.

6:25 On the top floor of the Sean Jean building (I've never made it this high). The aroma of the candles are very calming. Open space with six offices three on either side and every employee has a Diddy-Dirty Money jacket on! Puff just told me that Jay-Z and Kanye were the only two people he wanted that weren't able to jump on the album because of scheduling.

6:20 Wow, there are some incredible moments in captured in picture frames with Quincy Jones, Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine. There is one picture frame with Berry Gordy and another one is with Jay-Z, LA Reid. I even see one with his first mentor Andre Harrell!

6:15 Just made it back to the Sean Jean offices, headed to see the CEO-cum-artist or rather the artist-cum-CEO in his work domain. It's very comforting to be surrounded by at least five security guards and a team set on making sure nothing goes wrong.

6:12 Headed back up Broadway, we left Best Buy. Kalenna just told me "1st Place Loser" is her favorite song, "Loving You No More" is Dawn’s favorite song and that "Angels" is Diddy’s favorite song. Headed to the Sean Jean office and then off to @IamDiddy’s crib!

6:00 A little 12-year-old kid named Tyree just ran up in the cold to ask if I can get him Diddy's autograph. The man appeals to youth and the grown and sexy, talk about crossover!

5:52: @IamDiddy just told me that Drake wrote the verses on the track "Yesterday" featuring Chris Brown and that his work ethic is ridiculous.

5:32: Kalenna, the third member of the group, says she doesn't mind being the least recognized of the group. Right now, Diddy-Dirty Money is being surrounded by in fans awe . Quanesha, who works in the music section, is telling me people have been asking about the album before it drop. She said "Lovin you No More" featuring Drake is the headbanger!

5:12: Just arrived at Best Buy! Come upstairs and meet Diddy-Dirty Money!

4:52: Headed to Best Buy with @IamDiddy and Diddy-Dirty Money, come down now! Be there in 20 minutes; I'm ruining the secret!

4:32: If you see 2 Black Caddy SUV's in Times Square its us!

4:12: In the car with @Iamdiddy and he just invited us to the crib. So, I will describe it later as much as he allows me to describe. Headed to Union Square. Join us. Everybody go out and get that new @IamDiddy album "Last Train To Paris" #LTTP

3:52: I just sat down with Capricorn Clark (A&R) for Diddy-Dirty Money. She showed me the unreleased video for "I Hate That You Love Me" directed by Colin Tilley. The various color schemes are "ill"! Video starts with Diddy on the piano. Nice visuals. Chris Brown first used Colin Tilley, the director in "Yeah(3x)", on the Internet!

3:45: Just arrived at Sean Jean offices. #ADAYINTHELIFEOFDIDDY-DIRTYMONEY. Headed to Best Buy Union Square! It's cold, caravan assembling, I'm in waiting room at Sean Jean on Broadway.