Nicki Minaj Brings Alter-Ego, Rosa, To Life On 'Chelsea Lately'

By Kathy Iandoli

Few interviews begin with the question: "What’s up with your ass?"

However, leave it to late night "Chelsea Lately" television host Chelsea Handler to do the honors while chatting with Nicki Minaj on Monday (December 13).

"Nothing … what’s up with yo’ ass?" Minaj responded, settling into her chair with a smile.

As Minaj's fame escalates, as a result of her highly-successful debut album Pink Friday, the MC's interviews grow more and more candid. Last night, Barbie met her match in Handler and the two engaged in an entertaining and comical catfight-turned-girl talk.

"I had a beat from Swizz Beatz for a very long time before I started working on the album even," Nicki explained of her single "Roman's Revenge" featuring Eminem. "I loved the beat and knew I had to get crazy on the beat. Who better to get crazy with than Eminem? I knew with Roman, my alter-ego, I wanted Eminem to bring that Slim Shady alter-ego. So on a whim we asked him."

Nicki went on to explain that she has more than her three most popular alter-egos, Nicki, Barbie, and Roman Zolanski.

"I have Martha, who is Roman’s mother," Nicki said, of the character she announced during her "RapFix Live" visit. "I made up a new one the other day called Rosa. Nicki is the regular accent girl. Southside, Jamaica, Queens."

As she explained Barbie, she broke into her verse from Young Money’s "Bed Rock" and described Roman as the "gay boy. He’s very flamboyant and into himself," Nicki said.

Then, Chelsea went further into the alter-ego conversation.

"If they’re dating one guy and you’re dating another guy, does that get confusing?" Chelsea asked.

"It does because we all like different types of boys, I don’t like Roman’s taste, he doesn’t like my taste. It’s weird like that, but we all agree that we like big …" Nicki said, before trailing off.

The late night television host then delved into gender roles, which Nicki approached in her MTV documentary, "My Time Now."

"The way I interact with my fans is like, 'Oh little Barb,' cutesy because that’s how they make me feel and that’s genuine how I feel about them. I think people expect me to be like that in business, I can’t be that as a businesswoman because then no one would respect me," Nicki said. "As a businesswoman you have a staff and you pay people the same way and we deserve the same respect. When you’re assertive as a girl, you get called a 'bitch.' As a boy, he gets called a 'boss.' It’s a double standard, Chelsea, I don’t like it."

Handler then said in a relationship, the dichotomy for assertive women is "Sweetie Sweetie Bitch Bitch" and the two discussed how too many egos in a relationship will lead to its demise. Perhaps that’s a nod to Handler’s rumored romance with 50 Cent? Nicki also admitted that she likes being a boss in her career, but a "girl" behind closed doors.

"I like for the boy to take control," Nicki admitted, shyly.

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