J.Cole Aims To Produce More In 2011: Mixtape Daily Year-End Awards


By Vanessa Denis, with reporting by Jayson Rodriguez

J. Cole doesn't plan on stopping his grind with recent release of his third mixtape, Friday Night Lights. With New Year's Ever just weeks away and the Roc Nation MC is already looking towards his 2011 resolutions.

"In 2011, after I release the album and the rest of the singles, I’m sure I’m gonna promote, promo on the album, promo on the run and then tour the album," J.Cole said. "I’ll probably be touring the album for a large part of the year."

The album Cole is referring to is his as-yet-untitled debut, which will be his first major label effort. But the MC has his eye on more than just earning accolades for his lyrics.

"I really want to focus on features and a large part of production — that’s gonna be my thing for 2011," the North Carolina MC said. "I feel like this mixtape opened some eyes up a little bit but this album is gonna open ‘em up even more on production level."

Much like his sultry duet "In The Morning" featuring Drake set the tone for Friday Night Lights, so have the cuts Cole produced on the tape like the sample-led track, "Autograph." A rapper-turned-producer, Cole's path is a bit different from predecessors like Kanye West, who joked himself that many artists accused him of "keeping all the good beats for himself." Instead, with standout lyrics, the Southern gentleman must prove that he's nice with the boards.

"Yeah, [ I want to produce] for other people, just artists. I got these dreams to produce for the Nas’ and Jay's and all these people which hopefully I will," J. Cole explained excitedly. "But then I’m also realizing they’re so many young people that I love and I think are so ill that I would just love to produce for and give beats to, and give direction and guidance, if I can. If they’ll allow me but, really just beats, so I feel that’s gonna be my 2011 thing."

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