Ghostface And Sheek Louch's Wu-Block + 9 More Rap Crews Who Should Collaborate

By Chris Yuscavage

Wu-Tang Clan ain't nothin' to $&%^ with!

Neither is D-Block, a collection of MCs that includes Jadakiss — one the MC who graced the MTV News Mixtape Daily Year-End AwardsStyles P and Sheek Louch. Which is why we're so excited to hear about the Wu-Block project that Sheek and Wu's Ghostface Killah are reportedly prepping. After touring the country for the last two months and working together extensively, Sheek and Ghost want to headline an album that brings together members of the Wu-Tang Clan and D-Block on the same project.

If it goes down as planned, it'd be a power play for New York City hip-hop and a sign that unity in hip-hop can be much more powerful than beef. With that in mind, RapFix thought up a list of a few more artists that should take a similar approach and bring together different rap factions in the future. Please: Don't wake us while we're dreaming!

Eminem (Shady Records) x T.I. (Grand Hustle)

The Group Name: Shady Hustle

The Result: Em and Tip have already put together a nice little discography together by recording "Touchdown" for the T.I. vs. T.I.P. album and "All She Wrote" for T.I.'s new No Mercy album. Em's also worked with Tip's cohort B.o.B on a few projects. That chemistry could very easily carry over onto a full-length project featuring different artists from both of their labels, don't you think? Plus, 14 or 15 songs featuring Slim Shady and the King of the South is never a bad thing.

Lil Wayne (Young Money) x Kanye West (G.O.O.D. Music)

The Group Name: G.O.O.D. Money

The Result: Kid Cudi and Tyga? Pusha T and Drake? Big Sean and Nicki Minaj? And, of course, Wayne and Mr. West? And that's just a start. The combination options would literally be endless if you put all the members of these two labels into the studio at the same time. That's a pretty G.O.O.D. problem to have.

Nelly (Derrty Ent.) x Jermaine Dupri (So So Def)

The Group Name: So So Derrty

The Result: A whole bunch of strip club anthems! Seriously, after listening to Nelly's recently-released 5.0 album, it's pretty clear he knows a thing or two about making it rain. And you already know JD's got a booth reserved at Magic City. Get these two together on an album with all their labelmates and they'll shut the place down. Just make sure there are plenty of singles on hand.

Jay-Z (Roc-A-Fella) x Scarface (Geto Boys)

The Group Name: Roc Boys

The Result: Every single time Hov and 'Face get on a track together (see: "This Can't Be Life" or "Some How Some Way") they make magic. They also just so happen to belong to two different factions that have names that allow them to use a Jay-Z song title (see: "Roc Boys") as their moniker. We're not so sure we want to hear much from Bushwick Bill or Willie D (or Memphis Bleek for that matter!) but Jay and Scarface? Now, that can't be life!

Gucci Mane (1017 Brick Squad) x Jim Jones (Dipset)

The Group Name: Brick Set

The Result: Rumor has it Gooch and Jimmy were supposed to link up for a mixtape before Gucci got thrown back into the clink at the end of the last year. Why let that idea go to waste? The Dips are back at it again and Gucci's got a lineup of guys, including Waka Flocka Flame and OJ Da Juiceman, that we're just dying to hear on tracks with Cam'Ron produced by Lex Luger and the Heatmakerz.

Birdman (Cash Money) x Soulja Boy (Stacks on Deck)

The Group Name: Money Stacks

The Result: How many ways are there to say, "I'm rich," in English? These two—and their posses (minus Birdman's "son" Weezy)—aren't exactly going to blow you away with their lyrics, but they will give you an answer to that question.

Rick Ross (Triple Cs) x Fat Joe (Terror Squad)

The Group Name: Triple Terror

The Result: An entire album filled with two husky rappers ... dissing 50 Cent. No, but really: How many DJ Khaled drops do you think a single 80-minute album can hold? Put these two on the same tracks and we're bound to find out.

Young Jeezy (Corporate Thugz) x Bun B (Underground Kingz)

The Group Name: Corporate Kingz

The Result: When's the last time you heard a Jeezy/Bun B song that you didn't like? Despite the rift between Jeezy and Pimp C a few years ago, these two consistently make good records together. And with Thug Motivation 103 stuck in a holding pattern and Bun chilling off the 5-mic success of his last album, Corporate Thugz and the UGKs could probably make some beautiful music together right now.

Busta Rhymes (Flipmode Squad) x Ludacris (Disturbing Tha Peace)

The Group Name: Flip Tha Peace

The Result: If you could somehow take M.O.P., Redman, Method Man, all three guys from Onyx, old school Mystikal and the crowd at a Waka Flocka show, combine them and make a single rap album, it still wouldn't sound half as crazy as Flipmode and Disturbing Tha Peace on the same record. Seriously, put the kids to bed. Some of these collabos could get ugly.

Do you think the Wu-Block project is a good idea? Do you want to see other rap factions work together like Wu-Tang and D-Block? Tweet us at @MTVRapFix or tell us in a comment below!