Raekwon Hints At Eminem, Nas Collaborations On Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang LP


Wu-Tang veteran MC Raekwon recently released "Butter Knives," a teaser track for his forthcoming LP, Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang, tentatively slated for March 2011. But don’t worry Wu fans, the Chef says he’s got plenty coming up in the meantime, including an official single and maybe even collaborations with two of hip-hop’s best.

"I can’t give you all that information right now," Raekwon said, with a laugh, at rumors spouting that Eminem and Nas may appear on Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang. "You already know, overall it’s a very very colorful album, it still has that grittiness of course. But at the same time it has a glossy feel to it and overall people are going to enjoy it."

Though "Butter Knives" hit the web first, the MC says the track was just a warm-up.

"The first one was a frisbee just to get ya’ll excited and the next one will be the throw down," Raekwon said. "At the end of the day it’ll be great things in a couple of weeks, but I want to keep it under my hat."

As for the LP, which the MC says that he’s already completed, the Chef says it’s a mixture of two worlds.

"The Shaolin vs. Wu-tang is a process that I’ve been dealing with for a minute since Only Built 4 Cuban Links... Pt. II," he said. "It’s basically about two schools that’s having a problem with each other right now but they’re all from the same area, the same land. Shaolin is really the land."

"It’s just me challenging myself, challenging the Wu-Tang style with the Shaolin style," he continued. "Just typical everyday things that go on with the schools, it’s a great concept. For everybody that like karate this is definitely titled after that, like that was the one that gave us the vibe, the Shaolin vs. Wu Tang movie. It kinda describes the personalities within the music. I got songs that you’re gonna know automatically have that Wu-Tang feel to it, that seal of approval. Then the Shaolin side, I still have to be innovative and create today’s music too so it’s two different challenges that gon' be definitely upgraded on this record."

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