DJ Premier Drops Get Used To Us LP, Introduces MC Nick Javas


On Tuesday (December 7), DJ Premier released his DJ Premier Presents Year Round Records: Get Used To Us LP, a compilation comprised of songs from different artist signed to his Year Round Records indie imprint. RapFix chatted with the legend about his project and why he decided to schedule the work for December.

"Fourth quarter is real dangerous to drop unless, you’re really hot, or have some type of a buzz to make people think about buying music for Christmas," DJ Premier said. "So, I said 'You know what? Let me just take a little piece of all the projects I plan on putting out next year and make a compilation album so we have something to stall us. I’ll put my name on it and just change it to DJ Premiere Presents Year Round Records. 'Get Used to Us' is actually a line that Shabino of NYGz always says, so I was like, 'That’s a perfect title' and I told him I owe him a check for that. And all these other projects that are coming out next year are just little pieces and bits of that, all compiled into that compilation."

Primo also introduced us to his newest artist, an MC named Nick Javas, who's included on DJ Premier Presents Year Round Records: Get Used To Us.

"The song [Nick Javas is on is] called 'Opportunity Knocks,' it’s actually a funny way that the record came about," Primo said. "I wanted to break Nick in a different way than other artists being that I never really introduced new artists on my label before. NYG’z already had a reputation from being down with Gang Starr."

Javas met Premier at a party and stepped to him with enough confidence to make the world class DJ take notice.

"I have a friend named Spencer Grave who is constantly at industry parties and his advice to was, once I had a strong demo, 'You should come with me as much as you can ‘cause I’m always meeting people," Javas said. "I got [my demo] pressed up real nice and I started rolling with him a couple days a week just meeting cats and eventually came across Preme.

"Spence was on the other side of the room talking to him, and it wasn’t until he called me over that I realized it was Prime he was talking to," he continued. "Prime said 'Your boy's nice?' And I was like 'Yo I’m nice' and was just real confident."

DJ Premier laughed in agreement.

"He had this look and I’ve heard that from so many people that present demos," Primo said. "Every time you pop the demo in, it’s so wack and it’s disappointing because you want it to be hot.

"He just gave me this real stalker look, like 'I’m nice' and so I was like OK," he continued. "I took the demo and months later I moving to a new place and pulled out the demo [out of a box] and I said, 'Let me listen to it.' I liked the way he delivered his rhyme and his style, gave him a call to see if the number still worked. He picked up the phone and that’s how we connected."

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