Travis Porter Talk Upcoming Mixtape

By Vanessa Denis

The  southern rap trio Travis Porter, including Quez, Strap, Ali as members, recently signed with Jive Records and announced an upcoming mixtape. Now, the gentlemen spoke to RapFix a bit more about their upcoming project and whether they'd use that major label budget to call someone like Pharrell Williams.

"It’s gon' be music for the ladies, it’s gon’ be club music, and it’s gon’ be a mixture of a lot of stuff, it’s gon’ be Travis, the same Travis Porter that do music," Strap said.

"With newer things to talk about," Ali added.

No doubt the threesome's lives have changed and their songs will reflect that, specifically the countries they've visited.

"We went to Germany, we went to Amsterdam, smoked some weed," Quez said. "We talk about signing the deal. We can talk about everything we done ... How we traveled all over the world, the fans, different girls, the late nights, the long hours and the money. Just life experience, that’s what we talking about."

With the bigger budget Jive Records will no doubt lend the trio, there's an opportunity to expand their beat selection beyond their personal producer but loyalty runs deep.

"We have an in-house producer that is quite fine to us," Ali said.

"He do good music, good beats," Quez added.

"You see how producers, come up with their artists, like Timbaland and Aaliyah? It's First and Travis Porter, the brand," Ali concluded.

With the life changes the group experienced recently, the up-coming mixtape can almost be received as an album preview, a collection of work chronicling the group from being unsigned to landing a major deal which most albums do, share the life of the artists pre-production.

"[The mixtape] is not really too serious though, " Quez said. "It’s fun music and we just gon’ let you hear it."

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