Dr. Dre, Snoop And Akon's 'Kush' Video: Fans React


On Friday (December 10) Dr. Dre released his long-awaited "Kush" video featuring Snoop Dogg and Akon to the blogosphere. The clip, directed by Joseph Khan who's also led clips from T-Pain, Chris Brown and Britney Spears, features a freeze-frame style where all of the background models are stuck in the midst of an action. On the other hand, the good Doctor, Snoop and Akon glide through the set.

After waiting so long to see something — anything!!! — from Dr. Dre, especially after his Home And Home Tour performance alongside Eminem in September, we checked in with fans to see what they thought of the highly-anticipated clip for "Kush."

"Awesome video. Sooo f--kin' epic, that the #DETOX is finally droppin'!" @RichardDiNozzo tweeted.

"WESTCOAST IS BACK!!!" CaliIsStat added.

But not everyone was impressed, or a fan of yet another song about the green that California's Proposition 19 would've made legal.

"I'm thinking wtf do people keep writing music about drugs? What about you?" @DontHateonDS asked.

Elsewhere, another fan just wondered if the short clip looked familiar.

"Pretty standard, Snoop is better than usual, Dre always gets the best out of him," @Kobe42085 tweeted. "But honestly, not that impressed. It just seems like he has made the same video/song several times. It's like he is making paint by #s Dre music. I'm sure that, over time, it will grow on me (all Dre stuff does, that's why he is Dre)."

We have to agree that the clip does remind rap purists of Dr. Dre, Snoop and Nate Dogg's "The Next Episode" video from the West Coast icon's 2001 album, which hit shelves back in 1999. But it is ... something new from the elusive Dr. Dre, right? After more than 10 years of praying for a Dre track, we're not against a return featuring a routine that works for him. If it ain't broke ...

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