Drake Says Lil Wayne is 'Genuinely Proud Of' Him

By D.L. Chandler

Fame hasn’t derailed one bit of Drake’s cool and effective eloquence — even during early morning interviews. Drizzy stopped by Shade 45’s morning show to discuss a variety of topics ranging from his fans’ expectation, collaborations with J.Cole and more.

The dapper rapper sat with sit-in host Elliot Wilson and from the opening segment, Drake remarked on one of the hip-hop music scene’s largest challenges,  relevancy and the demand for more product.

"I think this generation and the age of instant gratification, they want so much more music so much more consistently," Drake said. "Now it’s like you drop something and like a week later, it’s expired already."

With the success of Thank Me Later both commercially and critically, the self-aware star shared his concerns about how his debut was received and his own criticism of his work.

"The one thing I always say to anyone who asks me about it is just that I feel like I was in such a whirlwind that I had a little trouble pinpointing my exact emotions," GQ’s Man Of The Year said. "There were moments where I was just sorta aimlessly spitting at points as opposed to really saying what I felt and that was just because I so was overwhelmed with the task at hand."

And on Take Care, the 24 year-old's upcoming sophomore LP,  Drake is taking a different turn.

"I learned a lot fromThank Me Later, one thing I learned is that I really wanna rap,” Drake said. "I have a great ear for melody … but I don’t think that it should ever just be the sole driving moment of a song. That’s one thing going forward on the new album that we’re really working on."

It's no secret that Drake calls Roc Nation and North Carolina artist J.Cole a friend and he reaffirmed their mutual respect.

"It’s one of those things where it was like the more you see somebody, you get to realize like different things about them," Drake said. "And plus you know we have a tour coming up and we’re just in a great place. We are definitely two people that can survive as separate entities in this business."

Drake’s success has been the topic of discussion for some, causing radio host Wilson to inquire whether or not there would be tension between he and his equally, if not more, famous Young Money label head Lil Wayne.

"Wayne is super proud and he’s out of jail now working on music," Drake said. "It’s amazing when someone is genuinely proud of you."

The humble Grammy nominee's highly-anticipated Take Care is slated for a 2011 release.