Jim Jones + 10 More MCs Ready For Anger Management

By Chris Yuscavage

Move over, Deric "D-Dot" Angelettie. It looks like Jim Jones is the real mad rapper.

On Tuesday morning (December 7), the Dipset capo pled guilty to an assault charge stemming from an incident involving a car crash back in January in which Jones attacked the driver of another vehicle that ran into the back of his Bentley in New York City. The incident saw the rapper allegedly assault the driver by pushing him onto a highway twice and tossing his keys into oncoming traffic (SMH — classic Jim Jones, right?). As a result of his guilty plea, the Harlem MC agreed to attend a 10-week anger management course and later made light of the situation of his Twitter account. "Anger mngment was the result, smh," he tweeted. "well duhhhh been needing tht."

It's true. Jones has been involved in enough physical confrontations now — remember the incident at the Louis Vuitton store in NYC back in January 2009 involving Jones and Ne-Yo?—to warrant trips to anger management courses. But he's also not the only rapper who could use them. If Jones wants some company in class, RapFix came up with a list of 10 other rappers who could use some anger management techniques of their own. Don't shoot the messenger, guys, this list is only meant to help!

The Rapper: Foxy Brown

Why She Could Use Anger Management Classes: Fox Boogie could use anger management because she skipped out on the set of classes she was supposed to take back in 2007 after she agreed to them as part of the terms stemming from a violent incident at a nail salon. As a result of her not attending them, she was sent to prison for more than seven months. Note to Jim Jones: Don't be like Foxy!

The Rapper: Gucci Mane

Why He Could Use Anger Management Classes: Allegedly beating a promoter with a pool stick in 2005. Killing a man in self-defense in 2005. Allegedly using his fists to assault another man in a recent 2010 case that was later dropped. Gucci Mane is no stranger to letting his emotions get the best of him. And throughout his rap career, it's caused him to spend plenty of time behind bars. With a couple of anger management techniques under his belt, he might be able to stay out of trouble once and for all and get back to doing what he does best: rapping.

The Rapper: Lloyd Banks

Why He Could Use Anger Management Classes: Charges against him were later dropped, but Banks allegedly assaulted a tour manager at the top of 2010 after a financial dispute stemming from a concert he performed in Ontario, Canada. Damn, homie. We hope it was worth it!

The Rapper: Kanye West

Why He Could Use Anger Management Classes: In case you haven't noticed, 'Ye gets mad — a lot! Take the wrong approach with him in an interview? He gets mad. Try to take his picture at the airport? He gets mad. Honor the wrong artist at an award show? He gets MAD. We have nothing but love for you, 'Ye. But do you actually like getting upset so often?

The Rapper: Rick Ross

Why He Could Use Anger Management Classes: Back in 2008, everyone was on Ross about the correctional officer photos that leaked to the 'net. Was he a cop? Was he a correctional officer? Was he still working undercover? Ross got it into his head that the best way to squash the rumors would be to squash Internet personality DJ Vlad's head during an alleged assault at the 2008 Ozone Awards. But all that did was put him back into the news with police. D'oh!

The Rapper: Kid Cudi

Why He Could Use Anger Management Classes: We know he later apologized, but beating up your fans ... on stage ... during your set? That's not exactly a good look, Cudi. Especially when you do it again just a few months later. Either take some anger management classes — or hire some better security guards. The choice is yours.

The Rapper: Busta Rhymes

Why He Could Use Anger Management Classes: Busta's angry, aggressive style is perfect for his stage show. But it's apparently not-so-perfect for dealing with fans, dealing with your personal driver or dealing with fellow patrons at Mr. Chows in Los Angeles. Calm down, dude!

The Rapper: N.O.R.E.

Why He Could Use Anger Management Classes: After news spread in early 2009 that the normally mild-mannered N.O.R.E. had allegedly gotten into a physical confrontation with a man at a Fatburger restaurant in Miami — ripping up flowers and throwing a drink at the victim in the process — the Queens, NY rapper took to his Twitter account to make one thing very clear: "I will not comment on the incident," he tweeted. "But there were no flowers involved. Repeat: No flowers involved." LOLz, N.O.R.E. Glad to see you didn't lose your sense of humor in the incident. But you might want to find a few ways to keep your other emotions in check.

The Rapper: Game

Why He Could Use Anger Management Classes: When normal people get upset during a pickup basketball game, they might throw an elbow or talk a little more trash than they normally do. Game's solution? Allegedly grab a gun. Talk about going hard in the paint!

The Rapper: DMX

Why He Could Use Anger Management Classes: X could use a lot of help at this stage in his life. So, why not start here?

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