Drake's 'Fancy' Makes #7 On Top 2010 Songs: RapFix Waves


2010 has definitely been the year of Aubrey Graham, better known as Drake.

Not only did the MC have an affair (or not) with Rihanna, he collaborated on the pop star's "What's My Name" hit, and rhymed alongside Lil Wayne, Bun B, Jay-Z, Diddy, Nicki Minaj and J.Cole. He embarked on his first solo tour, Lights Dreams and Nightmares, where he was able to perform the now famous catch phrase and complementing hand motion associated with MTV News' #7 Song of the Year, "Fancy."

Despite the track's amazingly catchy hook — "Oh you fancy huh? Nails done hair done everything did," Swizz Beatz spits — rap fans, mostly men of course, initially panned the track. But then, like the rise of the Toronto MC's "Find Your Love" up the Billboard charts, people gave the song another chance and began waving — the "Fancy" wave that is.

It's OK, we've all done it. Maybe the phrase slipped it into conversation when the appropriately comical moment arose.

"I've got to go meet Rick Ross to pick out some pinky rings."

"Oh, you fancy huh?"

"Actually ... yes."

And so went the Drake-inspired catch phrase of 2010. Our only regret is — OK, two regrets — the Young Money star never released a video for this song and when he performed the cut alongside Mary J. Blige and Swizz Beatz on the 2010 VMAs, T.I. wasn't present. So RapFix is offering up a suggestion, how about next year Drake, you release that "Fancy" clip that you shot but told MTV News you didn't like that much and we'll all wave together.


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