Happy Birthday Nicki Minaj!


Soccer moms still may need to organize a pep rally —  get it? — but RapFix is ringing in Nicki Minaj's birthday with (virtual) gifts from her fans.

We asked the Barbz and KenBarbz (not Barbies, we learned this yesterday courtesy of @Ranoey, Thanks ma'am!) via @MTVRapFix what they'd like to give Ms. Minaj for her birthday and here are a few of the best responses.

"We'd go visit her grandmother's grave. I don't know if she's been there lately but with all her recent success it would be good to go there," said @TeamMinajPink. "Maybe a lifetime supply of cranberries and almonds? Lol."

"The only idea I have in mind would be to give her a 'Regeey Bear,' a teddy dressed nicely, looking like he could be Regis," said Ranoey.

Cf course, Ranoey nabbed her new term from Nicki Minaj herself, when the MC tweeted, "New nictionary: Regeey Bear; a friend in our head. A cute liddle muffin that talks and looks like Regis. Sentence: ur a cute regeey bear!"

Another fan thought ice would be a fetching gift.

"A pink diamond pendant that says '#1 Queen' would be nice," said SUPERCrystalx3.

It's no surprise that these folks feel so close to Nicki. The MC made it her goal to include her fans in her ascent to fame and it's certainly paid off.

"It's definitely a movement at this point," said Nicki. "People really identify with me  through that and I definitely don't think that when we say 'Barbie,' we're thinking of the plastic little doll with the blond hair anymore. It's really how we've come to define ourselves, but there's so many surrounding circumstances.

"I always promote the girls to have their own stuff, be go-getters," she continued. "Don't depend on a man for anything, going to school is a big criteria. When you connect with your friends in a way that they feel like they're a part of a certain club, it boosts their self esteem because they're no longer a fan, they become a friend."