Snoop Dogg Guests On Gorillaz' 'Welcome To ... Plastic Beach' Video

By D.L. Chandler

British band The Gorillaz are known for their eccentric and creative videos and their latest "Welcome to the World of the Plastic Beach" features the one and only Snoop Dogg. The track comes from the animated group's third studio album Plastic Beach. While Damon Albarn — the British producer/songwriter behind The Gorillaz, along with cartoonist Jamie Hewlett —  isn’t known for churning out hip-hop beats, he does his best for the Dogg Father.

Decked in a mean seafaring captain’s outfit, complete with a top hat and jaunty old-school telescope, Snoop surveys the unseen seas and mugs for the camera. As the beat ebbs, the California icon dances with a two-step as he spits his short lines before breaking into his full verse. The Boss Dogg is glaringly alone on this visual journey, and the empty spaces of the video are filled with the enlarged words, "just like that," that flash on the screen and mimic the song's robotic background vocals.

Snoop’s verse seemingly doesn’t match any of the visuals — the set is a simple backdrop of moving clouds and a boat’s deck giving the Boss Dogg ample room to groove and glower. Given the Gorillaz thematically abstract video work, this was perhaps the intention all along.

Rumor has it that this exact scene is reenacted during the Gorillaz's live performances, according to some fans. While this random and curious video doesn't make much sense the clip still manages to entertain.

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