DJ Khaled Says He'll 'Get On That Grammy Stage'


By Hillary Crosley, with reporting by Sway Calloway

On December 2, the 2011 Grammy nominations were announced in Los Angeles and while some MCs like Eminem rejoiced, others in hip-hop like DJ Khaled felt a bit left out.

"I feel like everyone that is on the list definitely deserves it," said DJ Khaled. "Because of their hits and big records and they're big artists. But I also feel that Rick Ross should be on there, I feel myself should be on there.

" 'All I Do Is Win' was one of those records that were world recognized, just like 'B.M.F.' was huge," Khaled explained. "It's nothing to be mad about, it's just going to make me work harder to be on that list. It's actually inspiring to see a list to try to be there or try to beat that goal."

And while the historical music barometer has moved to include more relevant rap artists, the Miami DJ says there's still more to be done.

"I would love to see the Grammy's be more involved with the hardcore street aspect of [hip-hop], where you do recognize that we do take it to another level," said Khaled. "Maybe they need to make more categories, I don't know but I know it's hard to put everything. Like I said, everybody deserved it on that list and I guess we'll be there next year."

But the Cash Money affiliated DJ, record executive and radio host isn't swayed — only more determined.

"I'ma get on that Grammy stage, I'ma do it," said Khaled. "I'ma get on that stage one day, I just don't know when. Everybody has their time, but I'm get on that stage one day."

Cue Kanye West.

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