Soulja Boy Tell 'Em Says 'Gold Is Where It's At'


By Alvin Blanco

Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em is known for his audacious jewelry. When the S.O.D. Money Gang CEO sat down with Sway for MTV News' "RapFix Live" on Thursday (December 2), he talked about where he keeps his baubles safe and how they are also sound investments.

"It’s in a safe deposit bank in Soulja Bank over in Japan that you never heard of,” Soulja joked when Sway asked him where he kept his jewelry.

“Nah, it’s heavily secured though, ya feel me?,” he continued. “I keep my jewelry locked up, I keep it on watch. Whenever I select a piece … I put everything else up.”

DeAndre Cortez Way should definitely be mindful of security since he was robbed at gunpoint in December 2008 during a home invasion after an album release party. Soulja Boy went on to reveal rather nonchalantly that over the years he has spent about three million dollars in total on all of his jewels. Some may not think it's necessarily the most prudent investment ... or is it?

“Nah man,” said Soulja Boy enthusiastically when Sway asked him if diamonds, such as the gems that litter his chains and watches, depreciate in value. “Gold is the best thing going, all the people that’s watching, honestly … all of my jewelry together … gold is where it’s at.”

To SB’s credit, you can’t really stunt wearing stocks and bonds around your neck.

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