Soulja Boy Tell 'Em Says He's A 'Positive, Inspiring' Example


By Alvin Blanco

Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em’s biggest hits to-date have been party-friendly fair like “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” and “Turn My Swag On,” but the rapper insists he’s capable of, and has been, delivering more weighty material all along.

When SB stopped by "RapFix Live" on Thursday (December 2) he told Sway that he plans to keep making music until everyone realized his music isn’t created strictly for the clubs and he's considered a well-rounded artist.

"I’m going to be rapping, producing until I get there. If it takes ten years, if it take another year, if it take twenty, I’m going to put that work in until I’m satisfied,” said Soulja Boy.

SB went on to say that he's an inspiration to fans that have watched his transition from a teenager who posted music on the Internet to a rapper touting one millions of records sold. He also said that he's cognizant of relaying images and messages to his audience that go beyond just flaunting “monetary goods” (cars, jewelry, etc.) in his music and videos.

"I feel like all of my fans that have been rocking with me since before I got into the game … they been got that message, just from watching me do what I do, not even listening the music,” Soulja Boy told Sway. “Just watching where I came from to where I’m at now. I been felt like I’ve always had that positive, inspiring message of you can do better at whatever you put your mind too. I’ve been preaching that for so long. It’s like the media sometimes they’ll shift more on the negative things than the positive things but my message has always been; anything is possible and dreams do come true."

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