Soulja Boy Tell 'Em Says Bow Wow Doesn't Get The 'Respect He Deserves'


By Hillary Crosley, with reporting by Sway Calloway

On Thursday (December 2), Soulja Boy shared a few things during "RapFix Live," including his influence on the Internet and just who gets respect. During the sit-down chat, Sway asked the rapper whether he realized that his success highlighted the web as the place for MCs to build an audience and maybe even garner a lucrative record deal.

"I definitely look at it like that, I know I opened a lot of doors but there's other people that opened a lot of doors that don't get the respect that they need," said Soulja. "Like Bow Wow, I feel like he opened a lot of doors and people don't never give him the respect that he deserve. Just everyone since the beginning of hip-hop, it just keeps going and somebody new come in.

"I heard it once from a DJ in North Carolina, and he was like 'Man, when you came out with 'Crank Dat' you changed the game, you revolutionized hip-hop and now everything is digital,' " Soulja continued. "I don't ever want to  toot my own horn but when people say that it just makes me feel good that people think that, or acknowledge that I did that."

Despite the praise, the 20 year-old remains — almost — modest.

"I don't never go around saying that man, but they know what's up," said Soulja, with a smile.

The MC also shared when his autobiographical film would drop.

"In 2011, I'm looking like the summer, on my birthday. I turn 21," said Soulja Boy Tell'Em, before he specified that his birthday falls on "July 28."


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