Lil Wayne Says 'Pop That' Is His Favorite Video


By Hillary Crosley, with reporting by Rahman Dukes

Lil Wayne has been home for almost one month since leaving Rikers Island and he's still catching up on all of his videos released while he was incarcerated. The MC shot so many clips, he didn't remember exactly what he did in 'Steady Mobbin'.'

"The funny thing is, he forgot that he ashed his blunt inside the Grammy! So when he saw it, he was like 'Man, that guy is crazy! That guy got a lot of swag,' " DJ Scoob Doo said, with a laugh.

Scoob, Lil Wayne's personal videographer who directed and released several clips from Weezy while he was away, recently had the pleasure to finally screen the pieces for the MC.

"Soon as he came home, I started from us catching up, on a personal relationship side, I pulled out my computer and I just pulled up everything on the Internet, as far as the 'I'm Single,' 'Steady Mobbin' ' and 'Pop That' video," said Scoob. "His sentiment was that he loved all of them but his favorite video was the 'Pop That' video."

And that wasn't the choice Scoob expected.

"That surprised me, I thought it was going to be 'Steady Mobbin' ' or 'I'm Single' or a mixture of the two," said Scoob. "I was surprised that he liked 'Pop That' but I could associate why he did. It's a testament to him being in the streets and him seeing the reaction of people to him being gone.

"To put it in perspective, you helped out a lot by being in Times Square and having people holding up Lil Wayne signs, you and your film crew," Scoob continued. "So it hit him in a different spot, he saw how he was loved while he was gone. He saw how Birdman was coming to visit him, it was a different side that he didn't see. Like 'Steady Mobbin' ' he knew exactly what was happening because he was there, but 'Pop That' told a different story. It was a documentary of how the world was without Lil Tunechi."

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