Rap Group Harlem World Resurfaces With 'Start It Up' Remix

By Paul Cantor

Reunited and it feels so good. Harlem World, that is.

Perhaps inspired by The Diplomats reuniting, or the recent passing of group member Huddy 6 (aka Huddy Combs) the pack of Harlem-bred MCs once lead by Mase is back. The new line-up consists of original members Cardan and Meeno, along with new member Suga J. Former members Baby Stase, Blinky Blink and Loon are noticeably absent.

A Harlem World freestyle over the popular instrumental of Lloyd Banks' "Start It Up" surfaced online this week. It’s a lyrical reintroduction to the group, but also an opportunity to say rest in peace to Huddy 6 once again. On the freestyle’s hook, Cardan spits, "We back and it’s RIP the 6th man, you ain’t never ever seen a group with this swag/ You heard about us, Harlem World, Harlem World, Harlem World, Harlem World."

In the first verse, Cardan also throws a shot at Mase, spitting, "The cake batter, Bape sweater, eighth letter, ace heffas, ace sippers, no Mase Betha."

Harlem World dropped their debut LP, The Movement, on So So Def/Columbia Records in 1999. It went gold off the strength of the Just Blaze-produced single "I Really Like It," and the popularity of Mase, who at the time was one of the most sought-after rappers in hip-hop.

Original Harlem World member Huddy 6, born Andre Hudson, died October 13th, in a car accident. The MC was traveling southbound towards New Jersey on the George Washington bridge when his vehicle was stuck and was pronounced dead on the scene.

"It really hit us, because he was out with us that night celebrating the release of Slime Flu at Perfection [nightclub]," Vado told RapFix in October. "We had fun that night, we celebrated, we were going to celebrate that whole week. I woke up — I live in Edgewater, we got in the house at like 6 in the morning — I look outside I could see the whole George Washington bridge. You know, wild lights, helicopters, I’m like ‘What’s going on? What happened on the bridge?’ Mind you, I didn’t know nothing yet, I did Hot 97 that morning and I was supposed to do Envy [at Power 105] at 1, so I went home to to get some rest and my phone started blowing up. I missed like 100 calls. Then I’m hearing it, and I’m like ‘You can’t be serious.’ "

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