Watch Soulja Boy On 'RapFix Live' Now!


It's finally time! Soulja Boy Tell'em hits the "RapFix Live" couch today (December 2) to talk about his third album, The DeAndre Way and maybe a bit of how he initially began working with 50 Cent. The show will stream live here on RapFix as well as at 4 p.m. ET.

The pair recently released the official clip for "Mean Mug," shot in an abandoned mental hospital. In the video, the two trade bars while menacing the camera. "F--k your mean mug!" the pair scream on the chorus. SB also filmed the clip for another single from The DeAndre Way, entitled "Speakers Going Hammer."

"I've just been watching a lot of rappers, learning, taking notes," Soulja told MTV News on the video set for the album's third single, "Speakers Going Hammer." "I've really been in the studio working on my production as producer, because I was rapping and jumping on so many different songs that I forgot that I produced the #1 song in the world. I really just sat and got back on my production. I worked on my lyrics and really I just made a good album, and I'm ready for my fans to hear it."

This will be the Atlanta rapper's second appearance on the "RapFix Live" couch. The "Crank Dat" rapper's first stop on "RapFix Live" came in August and he talked about crafting his DeAndre album, which hit shelves on Tuesday (November 29).

As usual, fans, just like you, can ask SB any questions you like by tweeting at @MTVRapFix (including the hashtag #rapfixlive) or record your question on video, upload it to and include "Soulja Boy Tell 'em" in the title of the clip. We're taking your questions throughout the entire show, so keep them coming!

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