Carmelo Anthony Was Initially 'Against' 'LaLa's Full Court Wedding' Reality Show


By Vanessa Denis

From the basketball Court to the wedding Court, Carmelo Anthony shares what his reality show, "Lala’s Full Court Wedding," meant to his new wife and how he needed a bit of convincing.

"I was against the whole idea at first, the whole reality show space. But I sat down with Cris Abrego from 51Minds and we figured it out," said Carmelo. "I think it was something special for La, just for everybody to see her in a different light, rather than hosting and doing all that stuff, you know, when she is being a VJ."

The Denver Nugget also shared the importance of the show and how it depicted an often unseen side of his betrothed.

"[It shows what] she goes through on a day-to-day basis to the big day and I was just happy to jump on board just to make a couple appearances," said Carmelo of playing the background and allowing LaLa to take the spotlight.

"It’s more her leading up to the big day, having to deal with the food, the dresses, the list, the guest list, the day-to-day stuff you got to deal with,” he added.

Ultimately, "Full Court Wedding" wasn't just a look into the pair's personal life, it was also a notch on the couple's list of production credits.

"Crossover Productions [our Production Company] executive produced it, that was good for us too," said 'Melo.

LaLa is currently on the winter cover of Fearless Magazine, an online destination for women.

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