DJ Premier Talks Kanye West's 'Mama's Boyfriend'


Like Kanye West's Graduation, DJ Premier also contributed to the Chicago MC-cum-producer My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. West's fifth LP hit shelves on November 22 and leads the first week sales tally between the G.O.O.D. Music rapper, Nicki Minaj and Rihanna, according to the forecasting website Hits Daily Double.

"I actually submitted tracks that Kanye accepted and he kept updating his album, that’s just how he is ... but we never cut vocals to my track," said DJ Premier.

According to Primo, West didn't use his initial track but called the Gang Starr producer at the last minute for his special talents.

"He wanted me for a couple of tracks for the album he's doing with Jay," said Premier of Watch The Throne. "And then all of a sudden, literally the day before he turned in [My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy], I got an email from his manager Don like 'Yo,'Ye needs to holler at you' and Kanye said 'I need some scratches right now but, it has to be right now. We’re gonna send it to you secured, with your name stamped all over it because people are stealing my stuff off the ‘net.'

"I listened to it and then I actually fell asleep in the studio and didn’t get a chance to comment, and when I woke up it was 5 in the morning," continued Premier. "I knew he up late, ‘cause I hung out with ‘Ye when he played us the early stages of his album. He came by to see me and Showbiz for almost eight hours, until 4 in the morning."

And the meeting wasn't just spiked with conversation.

"We were just sitting there drinking vodka and talking history of music," recalled Premier. "It was a real good, healthy conversation just about music, you could tell he was focused. So [that morning, I decided to] call his engineer and Kanye was asleep on the couch, just like I was in my studio."

After wiping the coal from their respective eyes, the two hip-hop aficionados did finally connect for the second time. Their first collaboration came via West's introspective "Everything I Am" track from his third LP, Graduation.

"He answers the phone like ‘Yo, what do you think, you like it?’ I said 'I like the lyrics, the beat's real different, but I can scratch on it' and he just gave me all these different instructions. I just took seven different styles of scratches, I even took drum breaks and cut ‘em up into different rhythms and just flew ‘em in all throughout the song, so he had different ideas to choose from.

"Mama's Boyfriend" is an iTunes Bonus track on West's MBDTF.

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