Jay-Z's 'Decoded' + 8 More of 'Oprah's Favorite (Rap) Things'

By Chris Yuscavage

Oprah likes a lot of stuff.

From Netflix memberships to Nike "Free run +" sneakers and Sony's latest 3D television, O spared no expense recently giving her audience members items that appeared on her annual "Oprah's Ultimate Favorite Things" list. And nestled amongst all those things? A copy of Jay-Z's latest book, "Decoded." Despite the differences of opinion that they have shared in the past, it seems Oprah's now a Hov fan.

Good for him ... and for her. After all, "Decoded" could actually help open some eyes to the true meaning behind some of the biggest rap songs of the last decade. However, we wish Oprah could have been a little more open-minded and thrown a few more rap-related items into the mix. We know she's not a huge fan of hip-hop (just ask Ludacris!) but her endorsement would mean a lot.

RapFix figures Oprah probably just doesn't know about a lot of rap-related products so we compiled a list to help her out. Can we get a cosign, Op'?

The Product: Monster Cable's Diddybeats headphones

Why Oprah Would Love It: Just when you think Diddy's officially done everything, he goes and drops another product that you don't necessarily need but will probably still buy. Kinda like Oprah herself, right?

The Product: Power by 50 Cent cologne

Why Oprah Would Love It: Fif told us he was going to "get rich or die tryin'," and then — ta-da! — that's exactly what he did (ok, maybe it wasn't that easy, but you get the point). He's so rich, in fact, that all he has to do these days is sit around, come up with funny things to write on Twitter and take pictures of himself sitting in his office. No one man should have all that power! Sidebar: If it helps, Fif's dog is named Oprah Winfrey — though, er, we're not sure if Oprah will think that's a good thing or a very, very bad thing.

The Product: The new Reebok sneaker designed by Swizz Beatz

Why Oprah Would Love It: Yeah, yeah, we know, these sneakers aren't even out yet. Chill — this is Oprah we're talking about, so we're sure she could snag a pair. And we're sure she'd appreciate the fact that, despite all the controversy surrounding him over the course of the last year, Swizz has become the go-to guy for designing stuff (sneakers, Aston Martins, Audemars Piguet watches, your favorite rapper's next hit record — what's next!?). Then, she'd invite him (and Alicia) on her show to talk about it. Come to think of it: Why hasn't this happened already?

The Product: Conjure cognac

Why Oprah Would Love It: Safe to say, Ludacris has polished off a few bottles of Hennessy in his day. But rather than continue to put his money into someone else's pocket, he took the initiative to start a serious cognac company that produces a pretty good product. We're gonna take a wild guess and say Oprah probably doesn't include liquor-related products on her show for a reason — but the story behind this one is worth O taking a shot on it.

The Product: Def Jam Rapstar

Why Oprah Would Love It: Deep down, everyone wants to see what it's like to be a rapper. Whether you're white, black, brown, yellow, green or purple. Rapstar puts the mic in your hand and let's you see just how "easy" it is to rhyme a bunch of words together. Care to live the life of an MC for a minute, Oprah?

The Product: "Just Wright" featuring Common and Queen Latifah

Why Oprah Would Love It: Wait a second, O. Aren't all movies starring rappers about drugs, violence and profanity!?! Actually, no. Check this one out.

The Product: A Wu-Tang x Rocksmith T-shirt

Why Oprah Would Love It: If Oprah thinks that Oprah25 long-sleeve V-neck T she put her stamp on is fresh, she should try one of these on for size. Wu-Tang is definitely not just for the kids!

The Product: A copy of Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Why Oprah Would Love It: Like it or not, a large slice of the U.S. still hates 'Ye for what he did to Taylor Swift for reasons that we can't even get into here. That said, a cosign from his fellow Chicagoan could go a long way towards getting the producer/rapper back into the good graces of middle America. Plus, in case you haven't noticed yet, the album ain't half-bad. What do you say, O?

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