Joe Budden Settles Just Blaze Beef, Explains 'Stuck In The Moment' Origin


By Alvin Blanco

Joe Budden is always amidst some controversy, often inadvertently. The New Jersey rapper just released his latest mixtape, Mood Muzik 4, and like clockwork there was some confusion that needed to be resolved.

Upon Mood Muzik 4’s release, Just Blaze took to Twitter to chastise Joe Budden about using one of his beats for the song “Stuck In The Moment”—without permission. Budden told MTV News that he was unaware that the song’s instrumental was even produced by Just Blaze.

“When we were creating the Slaughterhouse album I got a beat from Emile; real talented guy, I love him,” Joe Budden said. “I recorded to it right there on the spot. I planned on using it for The Great Escape but that didn’t happen at the time. So I said let me put this out on Mood Muzik 4. I love the record, I’d love for the fans to hear it.”

According to Budden, despite repeated calls he wasn’t able to reach Emile to get proper permission to use the track but decided to use the record anyway figuring the producer’s consent was a no brainer. It wasn’t until the album was already pressed up, and while Budden was boarding a plane heading overseas, that he finally heard back from Emile, who told him that it was actually Just Blaze that produced the track. So Budden’s reunion with Blaze, who produced the biggest hit, “Pump It Up” from off the rapper’s self-titled first album, was totally unintentional.

“In my head I’m like, ‘Am I in the f--king Matrix or some shit?’ " asked Jumpoff Joe. "I haven’t got a beat from Just Blaze since who knows how long, this can’t be his beat.”

Shortly after Blaze’s Twitter tirade the two spoke on the phone and chalked up the situation to a misunderstanding. Budden apologized and was sympathetic to the producer’s concerns.

“Just also comes from that school of integrity,” Budden said. “He just wants the music to be heard the way that it’s supposed to be heard."

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