Nicki Minaj Vs. Lil' Kim: Who Is The Real Winner?

By Rahman Dukes

On Friday (November 26), Lil' Kim aimed a scathing dis track entitled "Black Friday" at Nicki Minaj during the release week of Barbie's much-anticipated Pink Friday LP.

In addition to Minaj, Kim's song, recorded over Pharoahe Monch's "Simon Says" beat, also stung Young Money affiliate Drake, capo Lil Wayne, one-time mentor and friend Diddy as well as her rival Foxy Brown ("This the s--t the other bitch almost got killed for"). On the other hand, the Queen Bee gives props to the man responsible for starting Nicki's career; Barbie's one-time manager Fendi, who initially introduced her to the rap game through his "On The Come Up" DVDs. Lil' Kim's clap back to Nicki's "Roman's Revenge" was definitely more exciting than the traditional Black Friday shopping run and hip-hop fans are buzzing.

"I just listened to Lil' Kim's full Nicki dis n gotd--nit I don't know what you hip-hop fans is on but she gotta respond to that one I'm sorry," Royce Da 5'9 tweeted. "Anybody that think that record is wack must just not like Kim as a person ... Ain't nothing wrong that record it's just that Nicki is so good."

One commenter on RapFix felt both parties were responsible for hip-hop's latest brouhaha.

"Nicki has completely different style than Kim," said Samantha. "Nicki is unique and original and there is no one like her. Kim was my girl when I was like 12, but Nicki has taken over. Nicki may have talked some s--t but so did Kim. So both sides need to see their place."

"Damn! Maybe Nicki should have taken her own advice and kept quiet," said Journey, another commenter. "Kim let her get some shine off her name and now she pretty much destroyed this wack wannabe popstar chick."

While many heads are salivating over the battle, some feel the war of words is unnecessary.

"They don't need to dis each other to be great in their own light, they each have something to offer, that's just a fact of the world we live in, but in my opinion, Niki blows minds," said another commenter Zo.

Rapper Bun B offered similar sentiments, noting the real puppeteers behind the Nicki-Kim squabble are the labels.

"The more you entertain bulls--t, the more people that think bulls--t is entertaining," Bun tweeted. "Only winners in Kim-Nicki beef are the labels."

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