Lloyd Banks' HFM2 Spells The End Of Blue Fridays?


By Vanessa Denis

Lloyd Banks dubbed his movement Blue Fridays months back and made free music available to his fans leading up to the release of his album The Hunger For More 2. With the release of HFM2 on Monday, the question whether he'll continue to release new music on Fridays has been a hot topic.

"As far as the Blue Fridays go, I'm gonna keep going up until the last Friday," Banks explained. "So maybe Black Friday, I'll stop there, but that's just that phase. I'll go into a whole new series."

The Blue Fridays shall continue but, with a new series title, a decision that should keep him a topic of rap discussions and continue to solidify his return to the rap game.

The Punch Line King started Blue Fridays as a form of promotion for HFM2, his comeback album since his sophomore Rotten Apple, release with G-Unit/Interscope back in 2006.

Interestingly, Lloyd Banks had a quick stint as an independent artist without a major label backing his distribution. What many do know is that "Beamer, Benz or Bentley" had been released without the support of a major record label; 50 Cent funded the project and it took off, landing him a distribution deal with Capitol Records.

As far as being consistent with Blue Fridays, Lloyd Banks shared his thoughts on how this has affected his fans' expectations.

"I think I've spoiled people to the point that they expect more than just one song," Banks reflected. "Maybe I'll start dropping two songs a day; I'm definitely not gonna go back to the point where I stop supplying the street.”

Hardcore rap fans would not want him to stop sending music for them to eat up and compare to other rappers; it is also an important factor in remaining consistent.

"I think that was part of the reason for the resistance," Lloyd continued "is that people know you're capable of doing it. It's like showing your trainer you can do 100 push-ups and then try to do 50 tomorrow."

As far as the Blue Fridays music releases, the top pick from The Blue Hefner Project would be "Large on the Streets," ominous tone with lethal punch lines and precise street references. An ideal rap record without large production where the lyrics are what shine and matter most, what the streets love.

"Don't go popping off your mouth/ Harlem showing/ I go loco Lloyd lost in time/ Hear my 1994 flow/ Came with the yellow gardener/ With the Rose Gold/ Him with the platinum crush ice, if your nose colds."

Check out the track listing below to jog your memory and then tell us your favorite below!

1. - Hot 97 Freestyle Feat. Funk Master Flex

2. - Take Em To War Feat. Tony Yayo

3. - Goodbye

4. - See Me Bright

5. - Big Voice Bigger City

6. - Make Money

7. - Remember The Titians Feat. Joe Buddens & Fabolous

8. - Celebrity Feat. Nobi & Akon

9. - Unexplainable (Feat. Styles P)

10. - Reach Out

11. - Christian Dior Denim Flow Feat. Kanye West

12. - Start It Up Feat. Swizz Beats, Kanye West, Fabolous & Ryan Leslie

13. - Where The Dope At Feat. 50 Cent & Tony Yayo

14. - Light Up Freestyle

15. - Best Kept Secret

16. - Always Made It

17. - King Do My Thing

18. - Everything You Got

19. - Finish Line

20. - So Forgetful Ryan Leslie

21. - Large on The Streets

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