Bun B Tweets In To CyHi The Prynce During 'RapFix Live'


By Steven Roberts

One of the dope things about "RapFix Live" is that artists get to interact with their fans and those fans get the chance to shoot questions at their favorite MCs. Sure, Twitter provides a similar opportunity, but does Twitter bring you Sway and a big comfy couch? This past Thursday's episode proved that point when a high-profile "fan" tweeted in to ask a question.

During Sway's interview with Pusha T and CyHi The Prynce (who appeared via Skype), Bun B tweeted @mtv news to ask CyHi how he met his mentor, DJ Greg Street.

"Wow that's Bun B? Shouts out to Bun B, CyHi said. "Mama I made it!"

"To me, Greg Street is an angel," Cy responded. "I was actually in a group and, you know, the situation didn't go through so I started doing my solo thing. One night, I was in the club and I came on to perform and people said I messed the vibe up in the club."

CyHi said Street took him under his wing and showed him around the Atlanta music scene, helping him to build the skills that would eventually get him noticed by Kanye West.

"He said, 'I'm going to be your DJ, I'm going to do everything for you, because I f--- with you. I f---ed with you when you were in the group.' He took me to King Plow [one night], and I opened up for Pusha T and the Clipse and Yelawolf, and the crowd just accepted me so much better there."

There you have it, Bun.