Happy Birthday Fabolous!


By Hillary Crosley, with reporting by Sway Calloway

Happy birthday Fabolous!

Born on November 18, today is Fab's 33rd birthday. Who knew, considering the MC, born John David Jackson, looks just like he did when his single "Can't Deny It" featuring Nate Dogg dropped in 2001. Now, Fab's all grown up and one of the few rappers who've mastered the delicate balance between street and mainstream records as well as albums and mixtapes. He's also a monster in terms of social networking, so much so the MC stopped by "RapFix Live" and shared that he's preparing a book ... of his tweets.

"Did you know that Twitter talked to me about doing a coffee table book of all my trending topics?" Loso asked before expressing his hesitation. "I'm just not sure about it because some of them were like joking on other people and I don't know if they want that brought back to the light like that."

Soulja Boy and his recent battle with Fab after the Kat Stacks video incident isn't the only victim of @myfabolouslife. Bow Wow, Carmelo Anthony along with comedians Lil Duval and Kevin Hart are also casualties of Fab's online wit. Still, their embarrassment is the web's delight because few other MCs, with the exception of maybe 50 Cent and Slim Thug, are as charismatic on the social network.

"Someone hit me up and said they work for Twitter and said they think it'd be a great thing for people to have on their coffee table [so guests can] open it up while they're waiting for something and get to read it," said Fabolous.

"I thought it would be dope," he added. "But I just have to think now back on who [I talked about because] I've seen a few of my trending topics get me in situations."

Happy birthday Fab!