Wiz Khalifa Says He's Done 'Work' On Diddy's Album


By D.L. Chandler

Pittsburgh MC and green enthusiast Wiz Khalifa visited New York on Monday (November 17) and after he stopped by MTV News, he hit the city's Hot 97 radio station for a freestyle and a short chat about Bad Boy's chief.

“Diddy is a dude I look up to in the industry, business-wise … ," said Wiz, before adding that he'd already done "some work for his album.”

RapFix is looking forward to that. Diddy embraces his guest appearances and one can only hope that he'll kick a rhyme about only "touching J.Los" or something equally as entertaining. The Taylor Gang titan also freestyled for his radio fans.

"Flier than ever, rep Taylor Gang where the higher the better," spit Wiz. "My lines are clever and all my dimes are better, and about my cheese mozzarella/Chains like the old Roc-A-Fella, I know your girl's a freak but you never beat acapella."

In addition to spitting, the Taylor Gang representative spoke to Funkmaster Flex about several of the topics he also discussed at 1515, including declining Drake’s tour and—no shock here—marijuana. The surprisingly soft-spoken Wiz offered hazy—too easy? —details about his arrest that occurred in Greenville, North Carolina earlier this month. Instead of worrying, the MC coolly shrugged off the charges saying, “I was on stage, you know what I’m saying, but when I came off stage, there were police on the bus doing their thing."

Wiz Khalifa also described why he decided against joining Drake’s mega-tour Lights, Dreams And Nightmares.

“It’s not necessarily something that I didn’t wanna do. It’s just that for my situation, I felt like it would be in my best interest to really just stick to my tour,” explained Wiz. “I felt like I had an obligation to give my fans exactly what they wanted.”

Wiz has announced March or April as tentative dates for his upcoming as-yet-untitled album, his first through Atlantic Records.

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