Nicki Minaj on 'Wendy Williams': 5 Things RapFix Learned


By Kathy Iandoli

While Nicki Minaj is everywhere in support of her Pink Friday LP release on Monday (November 22), the woman named Onika Maraj is still pretty elusive. Leave it to shock jock-turned-morning show host Wendy Williams to approach some personal territory with Barbie.

Nicki visited "The Wendy Williams Show" on Wednesday (November 17), sporting blond tresses dipped in pink dye along with her new MAC lipstick line, aptly titled “Pink Friday.” While the MC offered up the traditional banter about how she got started (Lil Wayne watching the "On Come-Up" DVD, etc), RapFix learned a few new things about Ms. Minaj.

1. Nicki’s Parents Are Still Together

On her poignant mixtape track “Autobiography,” Nicki shares that her father burned down their home … while her mother was still inside. The song really detailed the pain associated with the trauma and Nicki shared more with Wendy. “She had to run out the last minute,” Nicki explained. “She had a dream the night before that the house was going to be burned down. Me and my brother weren’t in the house. She had us sleep at a friend’s house. So at like three o’clock that morning, they were like, ‘You gotta go down to your house ... something’s happening.’ We were young so we ran four or five blocks and all we saw was smoke.” In spite of that incident, her family is still together.

2. Barbie Is No Gimmick

As Nicki has evolved in the music industry—transforming from a gritty MC into a superstar—the blame game began. Perhaps this isn’t the real Nicki Minaj, many questioned, but rather a product of the typical label makeovers that can happen. But Nicki says no. “When I first started rapping I felt like I had to be someone. Like everyone was telling me, ‘Oh be this way. You’re from Queens, be hard.' That wasn’t really me and that wasn’t who I wanted to be,” Nicki said. “When I changed the people who were around me, I just started being free. You know, I’ve always been animated; I’ve always been crazy. I studied theater.” Minaj actually attended LaGuardia High School, a performance arts institution in New York City aka the "Fame" School.

3. Nicki's NOT "Sexually Fluid"

After Nicki's early mixtape tracks coupled with a verse on Usher’s “Lil Freak,” where she planned to seduce Cassie, there have been rumors of Minaj’s sexuality. This sexual liberation has lessened with each release, and Nicki finally cleared the air on Wednesday. Wendy broached the subject by asking if Nicki was “sexually fluid," meaning the MC dates men or women, depending on her mood. Nicki grimaced at that phrase, and said “I don’t like the way that sounds.” When Wendy asked, “So are you?” Nicki concluded, “No. No thanks. I’ll pass.”

4. “Roman’s Revenge” Is About Exactly Who You Thought It Was

At first, Nicki was evasive about who she was referencing in her “Roman’s Revenge” duet with Eminem. The verses contain very pointed lyrics about ungrateful has-beens— "Get it? Has-beaaaaans, hang it up," she spits—that haven't celebrated Barbie's success. Initially, Nicki vaguely stated her lyrics were about the media, on Wednesday she said, “They know who I’m talking about. That’s the thing … when you put out records, only the guilty ones feel like you’re talking about them. If you have nothing to worry about, if you never came out saying stuff, if you never came out saying your ungrateful bullcrap, then you wouldn’t worry about it.” Nicki continued the conversation, leaving her harsh remarks on wax. “I don’t get into that,” she added. “I feel like my music, my fans know everything that’s going on. My fans know who I’m talking about and what I’m talking about. I don’t have to stand there and detail it.”

5. Could Nicki Be Engaged?

RapFix isn't trying to start any rumors, but Williams pointed at a shiny rock on Nicki’s finger and asked her if she was in love. Barbz jumped up and sat on her diamond-encrusted hand. “No, I’m not in love Wendy,” Nicki said, in her signature British accent that signals her character Roman Zolanski. “I’m in love with my music; I’m in love with Pink Friday. I’m married to Benjamin Franklin. That’s all I care about.” Hm ... “That’s what I tell my Barbz and my Ken Barbz. Don’t chase these boys and all that stuff," she continued. "Go to school, go to college, don’t depend on anybody. Don’t be having babies. Do your thing.” Nicki sealed the suspiciousness by telling Wendy she will not be having babies any time soon. Privacy is a privilege, and Nicki has surely earned it, so RapFix is leaving well enough alone.

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