Akon Says 'Hold My Hand' With Michael Jackson Is 'Beautiful'


By Hillary Crosley, with additional reporting by Sway Calloway

T-Pain's not the only MC to work with the late Michael Jackson. According to the tracklisting for the  icon's forthcoming posthumous LP Michael, 50 Cent and Akon also made the cut. MTV News' Sway talked to Akon about working with the King of Pop.

"Just to be in the same room [with him], I felt like everything I wanted to achieve in life had already been achieved," Akon told MTV News "That's how incredible that aura [is]. We about to shake the world up, man ... You know how you be with somebody and you can't even explain [the feeling]?

"I used to always sit and wonder, 'How does somebody sell so many records and dominate a whole business genre to a point where nobody can't be a part of that without associating [with him]?' " he continued. "The way he thinks ... some artists think regional, some think national, I was thinking international, 'til I met him. He thinks planet. It's on another level."

In 2008, a preliminary version of "Hold My Hand" leaked and Akon said the Jackson camp wasn't amused.

"The world was not ready to hear 'Hold My Hand' when it leaked a couple years ago. We were devastated about it," Akon explained. "But its time has definitely come; now in its final state, it has become an incredible, beautiful, anthemic song. I'm so proud to have had the chance to work with Michael, one of my all time idols."

RapFix gave you a snazzy flipbook, explaining the Michael collage album cover. Check out the breakdown of the painting by Kadir Nelson.

Here is the complete track list for Michael Jackson's Michael, according to Sony Music Entertainment:

»"Hold My Hand" (Duet with Akon)

»"Hollywood Tonight"

»"Keep Your Head Up"

»"(I Like) The Way You Love Me"

»"Monster" (Featuring 50 Cent)

»"Best of Joy"

»"Breaking News"

»"(I Can't Make It) Another Day" (Featuring Lenny Kravitz)

»"Behind the Mask"

»"Much Too Soon"

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