Lloyd Banks' 'Father Time': A RapFix Exclusive


By Hillary Crosley, with additional reporting by Sway Calloway

During his "RapFix Live" visit on Thursday (November 11), Lloyd Banks revealed three new songs from his upcoming LP The Hunger For More 2—and saved one, "Father Time," just for RapFix.

The track was originally scheduled to debut during the show, but we ran out of time. Then Sway talked the G-Unit MC into saving one exclusive preview just for us. Beginning with a heavy bass, "Father Time" is accented with rhythmic strings that build anticipation for Banks' verse.

"They see me moving, they want me to stop drop, off the face of earth but, I'ma make it pop hot," raps Banks. "These n----s are not, now watch me take my spot/Got money got power got respect, baby I just want hope ... Time's on my side."

Banks, like Eminem on "No Love," sings the ominous chorus of "Father Time," where he says "every block someone's dying."

During the "RapFix Live" HFM2 listening session, if you will, the Queens Playboy also premiered "Take 'Em To War" featuring Tony Yayo, "Sooner Or Later" with Raekwon and "Where I'm At" boasting Eminem.

“[People] heard two songs because one of them leaked out,” Banks to Sway. “Em had a few records to play with. He had laid a verse down for ‘Celebrity’ but ultimately we ended up going with the record ‘Where I’m At.’ ”

“I worked with Em numerous times, but every time it just feels like the first time,” continued Banks. “Because he doesn’t sound the same. Every time he steps it up a notch higher.”

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