Watch Lloyd Banks On 'RapFix Live' Now!


By Hillary Crosley, with additional reporting by Sway Calloway

G-Unit MC Lloyd Banks is sitting on our "RapFix Live" couch right now and Sway's asking him questions sent by you, the fans. Did you submit yours?

We're streaming "RapFix Live" with Banks here on RapFix and so keep those questions coming throughout the show via Twitter to @MTVRapFix or upload your video inquiries to We're looking for the hashtags #rapfixlive, so start it up!

Here are a few questions that have already rolled in, were you included? *checks timeline*

"Ask Banks what does he think of these pre-written freestyles nowadays?" asked @zuluking2010.

"Yea, how about the next album, when is it coming out?" wrote @Malcolm_siya14.

"When does The Hunger For More 2 Tour start? What about his relationship with Nas, is there a collabo in the works?" asked @Stevee017.

"You have done a tremendous job with re-inventing yourself," tweeted @itsfelixjunior. "Are there any other goals you would like to accomplish in the music game?"

In August, Banks stopped by "RapFix Live" for the first time to announce his singing to EMI, following his departure from Interscope Records.

The G-Unit member said his former recording home, Interscope, and Def Jam were among those aggressively pursuing him. Despite the major label courting, Banks said he bypassed them all to avoid signing a long-term commitment that would require options to deliver multiple albums.

"I just came out of a situation with Interscope, and being there for years and knowing what it feels like to go through the shakiness in the system when priorities get shuffled," Banks explained of his decision to avoid a long-term contract. "So, not really excited to jump into a situation where I have a requirement for a few albums."

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