Lloyd Banks Hits 'RapFix Live' Today at 4 p.m.: Got Questions?


By Hillary Crosley, with reporting by Rahman Dukes

Lloyd Banks will appear on "RapFix Live" Thursday (November 11) at 4 p.m. ET to chat with Sway. During the show, Banks will share details on his upcoming LP The Hunger For More 2, as well as premiere a new song and video clips of him working that aren't available anywhere else. Tune in here on RapFix and MTV.com where we'll be streaming the show all the way live.

As usual, we're taking questions from fans, like you, via Twitter at @MTVRapFix as well as video inquiries uploaded to Your.MTV.com. This is your chance to ask the Queens native whatever you'd like about his upcoming album The Hunger For More 2, including how it feels to record with Kanye West after 50 Cent, some would say, bullied the G.O.O.D. MC during their Graduation vs. Curtis head-to-head in 2007.

Now, with both Lloyd Banks' The Hunger For More 2 and Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy on the way the week of Thanksgiving, it's difficult to know which of their collaborations are on which album. However, "Start It Up" featuring a catchy video game-esque beat, along with guest appearances by Swizz Beatz, Ryan Leslie and 'Ye, is definitely on Banks' forthcoming LP.

"The whole Kanye thing happened ... shortly after the tweet that he wrote ... about me being underrated and should be in everybody's top five," Banks told MTV News over the phone in October. "He left that statement, and it kind of took off on its own and became a topic in all of my interviews.

"I definitely appreciated that," Banks continued. "Just for him to say that opens up the eyes that have been watching him [to me]. And from there, it made sense to go into the studio with him. Shortly after that, we went into the studio."

Banks said The Hunger For More 2 took a bit more time to craft because he just had so much material.

"It’s a lot more records, that was the problem, just choosing,” said the Queens MC. "['Start It Up'] was one of the last joints that got put together. Originally it was me and Fab, then I got Kanye, then Swizz happened to be in the city and so was Ryan, so that’s how the record came together."

What questions do you have for Banks? Remember, send your written questions to @MTVRapFix and upload your video questions to Your.MTV.com for your chance to ask Lloyd Banks something directly.

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