Mack Maine Reveals Vintage Lil Wayne, Curren$y Track


By Vanessa Denis, with reporting Sway Calloway

Mack Maine isn't just the president of Young Money Records—the executive, and one of Lil Wayne's best friends, also raps. Recently, Maine released the newest installment of his mixtape series titled The Laxative and he shared with Sway on "Rapfix Live" where he’d like to go with the project.

“I might go to like a Laxative 4. I’d say four and then it’d be time to go on with the album after that,” he said.

The New Orleans native is also prepping a duet mixtape with Cash Money owner Birdman, entitled White Boyz. If the forthcoming fourth Laxative tape means anything, it's that Maine's got quite a bit of material stashed away.

“A lot of the songs on the new Laxative, the one I just dropped, some of them are from ‘07, they’re that old,” he revealed.

Boasting a catalog dating as far back as three years ago, the Young Money exec said that those verses aren't even his oldest tracks.

“I actually have one from ‘05 that I didn’t put on there. It’s with myself, Wayne and Curren$y," said Mack Maine. "It was supposed to be our first single called “G’d Up,” so I have to make sure that get previewed soon. It’s a great, it’s a beast.”

Despite the vintage age of "G'd Up," Maine says it's timeless.

“I’m listening to it, ‘cause I’m not even that person anymore, none of us are," said Maine. "So I’m listening to it from a critical, non-biased standpoint and it’s a beast, man.”

On Sunday, Mack Maine celebrated the prison release of his Young Money Cash Money brethren Lil Wayne with Lil Wayne's "Welcome Home Tunechi" party, followed by a bash at the Miami strip club, King of Diamonds.

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