Wiz Khalifa + 10 More MCs Arrested For Marijuana

By Chris Yuscavage

Wiz Khalifa hasn't exactly kept his love for Mary Jane a secret—his latest tour is called "Waken Baken." He's posted photos of himself on the Internet toking with Rick Ross. His biggest mixtape to date is called Kush & Orange Juice. He's even gone on the record with us to talk about how he likes to "bake" with his mom!

So it's no surprise that the Pittsburgh MC was arrested in North Carolina on Monday (November 8) on drug trafficking charges. Following a show at East Carolina University, authorities boarded his tour bus, found 60 grams of marijuana and charged Wiz with a felony count of trafficking marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. He was released shortly thereafter, but not before he posted $300,000 bail and took one of the most memorable mug shots in recent hip-hop history.

Fear not, though, Taylor Gang.

If things play out the way that we think, your fearless leader won't abandon you anytime soon. Because if history is any indication, rappers who get caught with weed rarely find themselves in much trouble. To illustrate, RapFix canvassed the in-house legal library (aka "Google") to find out what happened when 10 other notable rappers were locked up for marijuana possession. Judging by these, Wiz  shouldn't worry.

The Rapper: Snoop Dogg

The Arrest: The Doggfather—who sent Wiz a series of tweets yesterday about his arrest—got busted back in October 2001 when a couple of his tour buses were stopped in Cleveland. A quick search netted an astounding 200 grams of marijuana (take that, Wiz!). Snoop was arrested on possession charges.

The Outcome: Snoop got off relatively easy. He paid about $600 worth of fines after pleading no contest. The only stipulation? If he got caught with even one baggie in Cleveland over the course of the following two years, he would have been required to spend 30 days in jail.

The Rapper: Method Man

The Arrest: In May 2007, Meth was driving in New York City when he was pulled over. When he rolled down his window, the police officer noticed a strong smell. "It was like something out of Cheech & Chong," a police source said later, adding "He rolls down the window and the smoke would choke a horse." About 30 grams of marijuana were found in the car and Meth was arrested on possession charges.

The Outcome: No fine, no jail time, no probation. Meth was simply required to make a series of public service appearances to tell kids about the dangers of drugs.

The Rapper: Redman

The Arrest: Not to be outdone by his partner-in-rhyme, the Newark rapper got caught trying to sneak a small amount of weed from Amsterdam (where weed is legal!) into Oslo, Norway in September 2003. He was arrested and detained for nearly six hours after security dogs at the airport sniffed out his stash.

The Outcome: Because Norway permits small amounts of marijuana for personal use (no, seriously ... ) and because authorities knew that canceling his show could cause more problems than a little weed, Red was released and allowed to perform.

The Rapper: Juvenile

The Arrest: The former Cash Money rapper was arrested in February 2010 in Arabi, Louisiana after his neighbors called the cops to report a suspicious odor emanating from a house where he recorded frequently. They arrived and arrested him for possession of marijuana.

The Outcome: Juve was released on bond after he was cited on a misdemeanor charge of marijuana possession.

The Rapper: DMX

The Arrest: After getting busted for a number of other things in 2007 and 2008, X was arrested for trying to buy cocaine and marijuana in Miami in June 2008.

The Outcome: DMX eventually went to jail. But, believe us, it wasn't because of the weed. That was the absolute least of his problems.

The Rapper: Lil Boosie

The Arrest: Prior to going to prison on murder charges, Boosie was busted for marijuana possession in October 2008 after police pulled up next to him in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and smelled marijuana wafting from his car. During a search of the car, police also found a gun.

The Outcome: Boosie was eventually sentenced to two years in prison and remains in jail. However, most of this time is a result of charges that do not involve him smoking weed.

The Rapper: Lil Scrappy

The Arrest: During a July 2008 fight with his sister's boyfriend at an apartment just outside Atlanta, Scrappy was stabbed several times. However, when police showed up, Scrappy was arrested and charged with felony possession of a weapon, obstruction of officers and felony possession of marijuana.

The Outcome: Scrappy was locked up for awhile, but he's in the clear now. Let's just hope he learned a lesson, don't do dirt if you've got dirt on you.

The Rapper: Warren G

The Arrest: In June 2008, G and a friend were pulled over in Los Angeles and arrested for possession of marijuana with the intent to sell.

The Outcome: The West Coast rapper was freed on $20,000 bail and the charges were eventually dropped due to insufficient evidence.

The Rapper: Juelz Santana

The Arrest: Dipset's youngest-in-charge found himself on the wrong side of the law in March 2008 when he was pulled over for driving with a suspended license. However, a search of his Bentley eventually turned up marijuana, 29 hollow-point bullets and nearly $20,000 cash stuffed inside a plastic bag filled with Jolly Ranchers. Um ... ?

The Outcome: 'Elz plead not guilty to the charges and was not required to serve any jail time—despite the incredibly weird circumstances surrounding the case.

The Rapper: Lil Wayne

The Arrest: Weezy got arrested in July 2007 after police found him smoking a joint outside of his tour bus in New York City. Unfortunately, Wayne was also carrying a firearm on him that was licensed to his manager, which turned out to be the real problem.

The Outcome: Wayne ended up serving eight months in prison—on the gun charge. Moral of this story? Smoking weed isn't great for you but it's definitely better than carrying a gun.

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