Nicki Minaj's Hair Color: Vote For Your Favorite!

On Wednesday (November 10), a clip of Nicki Minaj chatting with blogger Perez Hilton hit the Internet. The interview began with the most salacious question—do all female MCs dislike Barbie?

"People think that I'm the 'hated female rapper,' " Nicki said. "But a lot of the girls have shown me a lot of love and behind the scenes have said, 'Congratulations, keep up the good work.' Can't we all just get along?"

The two also discussed the MC's hair choice in her clip for "Right Thru Me." Many hip-hop fans, and New York natives, appreciated Nicki's pedestrian clothing and wavy long hair in the video, saying she looked like a genuine Queens girl. However, Perez wasn't the biggest fan of her look.

"I didn’t like the hair. I gotta keep it real," Hilton said, before adding "But I’m loving the hair you have on now!"

Donning a chic straw hat, black bob and her diamond-encrusted Pink Friday chain, Nicki said that she isn't interested in maintaining the same hairstyle all the time. Still, everyone is entitled to their opinion on her wigs, she added diplomatically.

"It’s not just you," Barbie told the Hollywood blogger. "It’s you and a lot of other people. But, it’s like you know, one of those things. It’s just your personal preference."

Now, Barbies—and just plain rap fans—what's your favorite Nicki Minaj hair color and style on the Queens native? The black bob, the blond straight piece, maybe the straight bangs with curls or even the green wig she debuted at Lil Wayne's "Welcome Home Tunechi" party in Miami on Sunday?

What's your favorite look? Vote, tweet us at @MTVRapFix or tell us in a comment below!