Snoop Dogg And More React to Wiz Khalifa's Arrest

By Vanessa Denis

On Monday (November 8 ) Wiz Khalifa was arrested in Greenville, North Carolina on drug charges, which RapFix later heard amounted to 60 grams of Snoop's favorite delicacy. The Pittsburgh MC was released on bail Tuesday after posting $300,000 bail, garnering a quote from the green advocate himself.

"Free Wiz! #freewiz," tweeted Snoop Dogg.

Celebrities and mug shots are always interesting—check out MTV News' collection of busted celebs—and Wiz’s mug shot lead to discussion of his hair. The topic even became a trending topic on Twitter, boasting the hashtag #WizKhalifaHair.

“The Pokemon 'Tangela' was really #WizKhalifaHair ... #WizKhalifaHair goes Hard in the Paint!” said @thaOGLux, a fan from New Jersey.

“#WizKhalifaHair look like a Lamont off 'Sanford & Son,' CheaPet” said @JayFlyyHippie, before adding “#WizKhalifaHair look like a brillo pad they use at Micky D's to clean the grill."

But not everyone had a funny comment about Wiz’s hair. Some fans began defending the Kush & Orange Juice rapper.

“Aye I don't appreciate this #WizKhalifaHair trending topic y'all better stop talkin' bout my man !” threatened @PrettyPlane, who currently attends Valdosta State University.

Still, realizing the joke, Wiz Khalifa himself even commented on his hair.

“My hair wuz awful!” he tweeted before adding a couple of hours later, “I gotta crazy ass hippie afro.”

And like Lil Wayne's #freeweezy, Wiz Khalifa’s freedom began trending as well.

“#freewiz Roll Up Again!” said @KiD_iNk, a Los Angeles rapper.

“Wiz Khalifa arrested for weed. That is like arresting Jesus for walking on water #freewiz”  said @jack_styne.

One fan had a particularly pressing question about rappers and drug possession arrests.

“Question: How many rappers need to get arrested for drug possession before they figure out how to hide it better? #freewiz,” @TheDarkSideIntern asked.

And, as if to bestow the ultimate pat on the back, the weed champion Snoop Dogg replied to the Pittsburgh MC's message of "I'm back better than ever big homie. U get dat record?"

“Chuuch! Glad to hear neffew. World still ain't ready ya dig,” tweeted Snoop, which was retweeted by more than 100 Wiz Khalifa (or weed?) fans.

RapFix has to say that after all of this, a Doggfather and Wiz Khalifa collaboration would be an absolute treat ... and legal!

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