Wiz Khalifa Talks 'Baking' With Mom


By Hillary Crosley, with additional reporting by Sway Calloway

On Monday (November 8), Wiz Khalifa was arrested in North Carolina for marijuana trafficking. The rapper posted $300,000 bail and departed the Pitt Country Detention Center around 8 a.m. but around 7 a.m. one of our RapFix readers sent us news from the scene itself.

@Sun_Devil90 tweeted @MTVRapFix footage of the Wiz himself being arrested for possession of a controlled substance, along with comments from the fans, the Taylors. Their words drew inspiration from Dr. Dre's hit "Tha Next Episode" which definitely made the sad situation bright. Thank you @Sun_Devil90,  thank you.

In July, Wiz stopped by "RapFix Live" to celebrate winning our "Hottest Breakthrough MC" award, voted on by the MTV News Hip-Hop Brain Trust, and spoke to Sway about his ... bakery.

"It's the place where all the goods are made, well,  that's where they're stashed," said Wiz, with a smile. "You just come through and smell  the aroma from down the street. "

And according to the Pittsburgh MC, the baking runs in the family.

"My mom knows me for me, she knows about the bakery," revealed Wiz. "She's a master chef herself. I had to get my recipes from somewhere, my techniques and when to take it out of the oven and all that."

Still, Wiz took to baking in his own time.

"She never forced baking on me, I kinda picked it up on my own, the family business," said Wiz.

Wiz shared with Sway that he and his mother are roommates back in Pittsburgh, in a home he shares with the matriarch and his "baby" ... animal, not infant. And while one would imagine that as a rapper, living with mothers could be a drag, the Taylor Gang MC disagrees.

"It's actually awesome man, I need that regularness in my life man, " said Wiz. "I think so many people get caught up with the lights and the fans, you forget that your mom is going to tell you 'Boy, clean  that up.' She don't have to be too on me, I'm grown. I clean up. I got a dog so I make sure everything around the house is straight for me and my dog."

And Wiz and his mom aren't the only participants in the bakery. Nope, the pup joins the pastry buffet routinely too.

"I got a pitbull, she's in the 'Mesmerized' video, her name is Star," said Wiz. "She's trained but she's kinda crazy, she gets high a lot."

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