Cee-Lo Receives 'Star Trek' Treatment From William Shatner

By Bridget Bland

You can bet Cee-Lo Green never saw this one coming.

William Shatner appeared on the George Lopez late-night talk show, “Lopez Tonight” recently displayed his love for the Goodie Mob and Gnarls Barkley veteran. The "Star Trek" actor took the stage and re-worked the singer-songwriter and MC’s infectious single “F--- You.”

Backed by three vocalists—one of which wore a Starfleet uniform—the iconic actor, who played Captain James T. Kirk, gave an entertaining run at the heartbreak song reminiscent of a spoken word set. The audience members enjoyed his rendition, clapping and laughing along through the entire two minute performance.

The song’s curse word was bleeped out, but the “S--- My Dad Says” star made sure to stay politically correct and substituted his last name for the n-word.

The “Crazy” crooner told press that the single's star power was so strong that in between leaking a the song online and the duration of his flight from the U.S. to London, the ditty had become a hit.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” he told New York magazine recently.

Green might feel a way about Bruno Mars' production team, the Smeezingtons, coming up with the song’s concept, but he’s adjusting.

“It wasn’t my idea originally, but I felt like we were in a new space so let’s try it,” he said. “Initially it made me kind of uncomfortable and awkward. I did go through a couple of growing pains. I can’t say I would not have liked to come up with it all alone."

All that seems unimportant at this moment, though, especially, now that news comes that Shatner won’t be the last big-name actor to cover “F--- You.”

Not too far in the future, Gwyneth Paltrow will make a guest appearance on the popular Fox series “Glee” to cover the tune.

But, the actress will sing the censored version "Forget You," instead of the racier original version Shatner sang on “Lopez.”

“F--- You” will be featured on Cee-Lo’s new solo album The Lady Killer, his first solo release since 2004’s Cee-Lo Green…Is the Soul Machine. The LP is slated to hit shelves on November 9.


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