Lil Wayne, The ... Love Guru?


By Vanessa Denis, with reporting by Sway Calloway

During "Rapfix Live" on November 4, Young Money President Mack Maine told MTV News' Sway about the most abstract request Lil Wayne received while he was in Rikers Island. Think Outkast's "International Players Anthem."

“The most interesting to me was from a female that was a model in 'Lollipop' video," said Maine. "She wrote him and asked Wayne to propose to her boyfriend for her. [It] was really interesting and he did it on the site [].”

How sweet is it to see fans turning to Wayne for such a major life decisions? And how did the boyfriend of the former “Lollipop” model respond to the non-traditional proposal?

“She said he checked the site everyday and now they engaged so, that was like a big moment," said Mack Maine. "They both really like Wayne fans, like true, loyal Wayne fans, since like day one. He said 'yes' and that was pretty interesting to me.”

After getting her man, the "Lollipop" model tried to compensate the then-incarcerated MC, but Wayne wasn't interested.

“She tried to send like a $100 to thank him and he immediately sent it back," said the Young Money President. "He was like I didn’t do that for that, but it was just cute.”

One could say that it was noble of her to want to pay Weezy for his services but, the story does not end there. Maine shared that their were tears  about the model’s reaction when she called.

“She was excited, she cried when I called," remembered Mack. "I called her and she left work, they had to let her off that day. She couldn’t even workanymore. But that was one of the most interesting ones that I remember.”

Who needs the MC in the studio, when fans can ask Lil Wayne to orchestrate their nuptials?


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