Nicki Minaj Tweets Exclusive Photo, Talks Lil Wayne

By Hillary Crosley, with additional reporting by Sway Calloway

On Monday (November 8), Nicki Minaj tweeted an exclusive image of her in the studio. The Queens-bred MC, dressed in a simple t-shirt and pink wig, is depicted possibly recording a bit of her highly-anticipated debut LP Pink Friday. The album hits shelves on November 22 and will feature one of RapFix's favorite songs of 2010 "Roman's Revenge," boasting a verse from Eminem.

So, what's the photo from, you ask? Well, we can't tell you but we can say that we're excited about #ll2810. What's that mean? Well, we can't tell you that either ... but it's going to be big!

Minaj spoke to MTV News on Sunday (November 7) at the 'Welcome Home, Tunechi' party about the Young Money camp's ability to carry on despite the absence of their leader. No martian.


"We went through  this and our team is still stronger than ever," Barbie told Sway. "To have him back, it's like, Wayne, we held you down while you were gone and I think that's the craziest thing it's the most meaningful thing as a CEO, to go away and have your team hold you down."

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