Producer Drew Money Has A 'Couple Things' For Lil Wayne


By Hillary Crosley, with additional reporting by Rahman Dukes and Sway Calloway

When RapFix asked you, the fans, what you'd like Lil Wayne to do when he hits the streets, your response was overwhelming—release new music. And according to Young Money President Mack Maine, that's exactly what the Martian wants to do. Last month, when RapFix spoke to Drew Money, the producer behind Nicki Minaj's "Right Thru Me" which sits at no. 14 on the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop chart, he said he was ready for Weezy's return.

"I actually did a track for Wayne already called 'Fix My Hat,' and I do have a couple things in particular that would be good for him but ... I just know he’s going to be bombarded," said Drew.

And he's probably right, but from RapFix to the bevy of hip-hop producers salivating at the thought of nabbing Lil Wayne's first post-prison release—work smarter. We'd assume that this would be the time to use every connect you have in your smart phone to get your talents to Weezy. *points to your address book*

During Maine's "RapFix Live" interview, which you can watch in its entirety on this blog, he said that Lil Wayne didn't really want to talk much during his final visit with the MC at Rikers Island.

"He rapped to me. The whole time, he rapped. He rapped a lot of different songs and just kept telling me, 'Mack, I need beats.' So the main ... priority when he comes home is to make sure he has tracks," Maine said. The Young Money exec added that Wayne was in top form, sounding "crazy" and "amazing."

Elsewhere, a new image popped up of Lil Wayne catching up on his videos which were released while he was incarcerated.

In the newest pic, which DJ Scoob Doo tweeted on Thursday (November 4), the megastar spitter checks out the video for his "Steady Mobbin' " collabo with Gucci Mane. The duo's respective legal entanglements forced the MCs to film each part of the video separately, and the picture shows Wayne viewing the clip, which premiered over the summer during Wayne's eight-month bid, for the first time; he also got a first glimpse at his "I'm Single" video.

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