Live Blog: Lil Wayne's Prison Release

By Hillary Crosley, with reporting by Rahman Dukes and Jayson Rodriguez

11:33 Young Money insider posts first photo of a free Lil Wayne, while Nicki Minaj, Mack Maine and Cortez Bryant share their thoughts. "FREE AT LAST!" Bryant tweeted. "Ya heard me yea!"

10:47 Young Money/Cash Money crew spotted entering Manhattan hotel.

8:35 A spokesperson for inmate information at Rikers Island confirmed to MTV News that Lil Wayne has been discharged. We are currently tailing a Department of Corrections bus headed into Manhattan.

8:00 A caravan of some eight vehicle (Maybachs, Phantoms and Escalades) left a Manhattan hotel where other members of the Young Money/Cash Money camp -- including Nicki Minaj -- have been spotted.

Lil Wayne had been scheduled to be released early Thursday morning (November 4) after an eight month sentence stemming from a 2007 gun arrest after a concert at Manhattan's Beacon Theater.

"Between the hours of 1 - 2 a.m. ... WEEZY IS COMING HOME," Drake tweeted. Sources close to Wayne had also maintained that the rapper will be released early Thursday.

MTV News was one the scene outside Rikers Island, delivering up-to-the-minute coverage of Lil Wayne's release throughout the night, and into this morning.

7:20 Most of the reporters and paparazzi have long since left, along with all of the fans who showed up to welcome Weezy home. After we were told "He's not getting out tonight," most stayed, but by now have long since left.

Another guard said, "Not today. Maybe tomorrow. But definitely not today".

Then he called over another guard to corroborate his story.

For now, we're going to continue to wait. When Wayne does actually get out, we want to be here.

6:07 "I'm here until ... he gets out," on rain-soaked fan, Alex Cirio, told us. "I'm here."

Likewise, Alex.

5:04 A bunch of young women showed up in the parking lot dancing in the rain to the sounds of Weezy F. Baby.

5:02 Local news vans are starting to show up now at the Rikers Island visitor's parking lot.

3:57 A DOC spokesman wouldn't confirm anything, but simply stated, "He hasn't been released at this time."

3:36 Rikers Island Corrections Officer Caraballo told MTV News, "I'm not a department spokesman, I'm just letting you know he's not getting out tonight. Probably tomorrow."

MTV News is staying put.

3:14 The officer told people here that Wayne lost a day of "good time" and will be released tomorrow night. We're getting a lot of conflicting information from various sources. We're working on confirming.

3:00 An officer has entered the parking lot and has begun trying to clear folks out.

2:49 This Rikers Island visitors parking lot is starting to feel like a club scene. Young Money songs are playing over some speakers. Girls are dressed up ...

2:46 A correctiontional facility bus drove up to the gate ... then mysteriously turned around. Odd compared to how most buses have been traveling by.

2:37 After a lot of movement between guards, things have quieted down. Some guards are beginning to get short with the folks lingering around Rikers. We were asked to move.

2:25 Uh oh, it's starting to rain.

2:10 Inmates are starting to get released here at Rikers. Four young guys are waiting for the bus off of the Island. Lil Wayne will go through same process. (Find out the inside scoop by watching the MTV News video: What Happens When Wayne Leaves Rikers?)

2:07 Mack Maine just tweeted "Countdown."

2:03 One of us just made it to the courthouse, where it all began. I spoke to two correction guards for some information but they blew me off. "That's Lil Wayne, he probably has some special arrangement," said one of the guards to me. I'm assuming he meant arrangements to pick up Weezy.

2:00 After a bit of excitement and movement things have slowed down. This could be the calm before the storm. 'Where are you w/eezy?' (C) @MissInfo

1:48 The communication between guards at the visitor center and the first gate seems to be picking up.

1:44 A guard just came out and asked us if we had any cameras on us. The show may be starting soon.

1:38 A correction officer just exited his vehicle. His lights are flashing and he stopped a car from leaving. It looks like he's preparing to be an escort? It seems like something is brewing.

1:28 A correctiontional facility bus just pulled away from the back of the Rikers building with one guy inside, who looked like he had long hair. Weezy? We couldn't quite make it out.

1:26 The drop off location may have changed.

1:23 That's a definite yes to Wayne still located inside Rikers Island, we're by the door!

1: 17 According to sources, Lil Wayne is still inside Rikers Island.

1:00 Fans (pictured at left) are starting to show up.

12:55 A lot of cars zipped out of the facility at midnight. We think there was a schedule change. We're waiting for Mr. Carter.

12:41 We're on Rikers Island now. It's quiet with only one car of fans so far.

12:21 We've just boarded the Q100 bus to Rikers Island. There are only a few folks riding along, catch us on the other side.

12: 00 Will Weezy take an MTA bus out of Rikers Island? Stay tuned.

11: 46 Just arrived at Rikers Island. Our crew is convening and Weezy Watch has officially begun.

11:06 Just got off the QB bridge. Next stop, Rikers Island. Tunechi's almost a free man.

9:47 Mack and DJ Scoob Doo head out to meet Lil Wayne later tonight.

9:04 Birdman's calling Mack, and the interview stops. Family members in Lil Wayne's camp are pouring into New York City's airports and scrambling into cars, headed toward an undisclosed location in Manhattan.

8:33 Sway's here and Mack's settled onto the "RapFix Live" couch to talk all things Lil Wayne with MTV News.

8:00 Mack Maine and DJ Scoob Doo have arrived at our 1515 Broadway offices.

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