Meet Our Lil Wayne Breaking News 'Tracker'

It's "Welcome Home Weezy" week here at RapFix, and every day we're going to be on WeezyWatch, telling you everything Lil Wayne is doing, from his prison release in New York on Thursday—1 or 2 a.m. according to Drake—to the Cash Money superstar's scheduled travels across the country in the days immediately afterward.

Don't be afraid of the map up top, it's simple really. You are looking at a Lil Wayne "Tracker" that places our RapFix and pieces in different locations on the map over the next week.

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As of Thursday, if everything goes according to schedule Weezy will no longer have to adhere to Rikers Island's strict visiting rules, regarding when and for how long he can see his loved ones.

According to the prison's rules, an inmate can only have a certain number of guests and “the max is three.” And while many stopped by to see Lil Wayne, from Diddy to Nicki Minaj, the Young Money captain was only allowed one visit per week and the visitors were only permitted to stay for a maximum of one hour.

The days family and friends could see Weezy were also precarious.

“From Wednesday and Thursday are the late visits, that start from 1-9 pm.” said our source. “Friday, Saturday, Sunday are early visits, start at 7 a.m. to 230 p.m.”

It won't be much longer now. Are you ready?

Welcome home, Lil Wayne! Stick with MTV News throughout the weekend for up-to-the-minute reports on Lil Wayne's prison release as we follow him from Rikers Island to his celebrations at home and beyond. Follow us on Twitter @ for instant updates and bookmark for complete, round-the-clock coverage.

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