'RapFix Live' To Air 'Welcome Home Weezy' Special


It's Welcome Home Weezy Week and RapFix has you covered with a special edition of "RapFix Live."

On November 4, following an eight month sentence, Lil Wayne is scheduled to leave New York’s Rikers Island sometime tomorrow.

RapFix will continue our breaking news coverage during Weezy Watch during “RapFix Live,” which will stream here on RapFix and MTV.com at 4 p.m. ET this Thursday (November 4).

In celebration of the Young Money chief returning to the free world, several guests from inside the Cash Money and Young Money families will stop by and share bits on Wayne’s jail departure, if he's really leaving Rikers for a remote studio and just how soon we can really expect a new mixtape like No Ceilings part two.

Sway will be taking questions from fans like to you during “RapFix Live” so tweet us at @MTVRapFix or upload your video queries to your.mtv.com. now and throughout Thursday’s Weezy Watch broadcast for your chance to reach our guests directly.

Recently, MTV News spoke to a prison guard employed at Rikers Island about the institution's release process.

"They have to check his docket number to see that he doesn't have any open cases or open warrants," a Rikers Island source told MTV News. " ... He has to be fingerprinted and dressed. It's another process again before he leaves."

According to the source, Lil Wayne will begin the exit process around the inmates' breakfast time, at 4 a.m. The process could take more than two hours, depending on the work and caseload on Thursday at Rikers Island.

As inmates are processed for admittance and exit, the dockets clear and each prisoner is also cleared, allowing groups to be sent on their way.

Welcome home, Lil Wayne! Stick with MTV News from now through the weekend for the latest on Lil Wayne's prison release as we follow him from Rikers Island to his celebrations at home and beyond. Follow us on Twitter @ for instant updates and bookmark weezywatch.mtv.com for complete, round-the-clock coverage.