Lil Wayne's Bloggers Say Fan Site Has Been 'Wonderful'



By Hillary Crosley, with reporting by Jayson Rodriguez

On Tuesday (November 2), MTV News spoke to the women behind Lil Wayne's fan site but there's more. Bloggers Karen Civil and Karla Moy say the site did wonders for them as well as Wayne, but sometimes it was just all too much.

"The site usually goes down," says Civil of the days she posts communication from Weezy. We had a little trouble ourselves accessing the site this morning to bring you Weezy's letter highlights. "We try not to post on Facebook and Twitter as the same time, it crashes the site because his fans just love him. He loves hearing things like that."

Moy, an 18 year-old Toronto native, says the fan site became the official voice for Lil Wayne during 2010.

"I'm so proud to be able to take part in such a phenomenal project," said Moy, the mind behind HustleGrl, Drake's official fan site, Allthings-Fresh and "Karen and I literally made WeezyThanxYou the only form of communication between Lil Wayne and his fans. It made me happy because it made the fans as well as Lil Wayne happy. Imagine being imprisoned for eight months with the same routine every day? That's no fun at all. So besides Wayne's phone calls and visits, these fan letters brought life to him. I also believe it motivated him to stay positive throughout his sentence!"

According to Civil, the blog came about after the two brainstormed and approached Lil Wayne's manager Cortez Bryant for the green light. Ultimately, the blog has been a source of sunshine for both those who enjoy it and the website's creators.

"It kind of just happened day by day as he was going away and his fans missing him but it's great when fans hit me on Twitter or his Facebook," said Civil. "It feels like he’s still here. It's a wonderful feeling for me, especially."

Moy chimed in with how many Lil Wayne fans no doubt feel, including Lil Tunechi himself.

"I can't wait for Wayne to come home."

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