50 Cent Heads To Las Vegas

Looks like Drake—and maybe a soon-to-be freed Lil Wayne?—aren't the only ones heading to Las Vegas. 50 Cent is apparently heading to Sin City with his buddy boxer Floyd Mayweather soon.

"This is the life baby I'm going to Vegas to gamble with Floyd, I'll double this quick," tweeted the MC on November 2.

Um, can we borrow a dollar? (c) Common.

Elsewhere, a new cut from R&B veteran El Debarge entitled "Switch Up The Format" featuring 50 hit the web.

"Shorty all that ... yeah, yeah, she all that/ Gotta go hard, yeah watch me switch up the format," rhymes 50 Cent on the song. "Bus, train or plane, exotic spot on a yacht/ I spare no expense, I want you here on top."

The track is on DeBarge's new album Second Chance.

Fif kicked off RapFix's Spotted! series when he was snapped on a Malibu lunch date with his rumored "girlfriend" comedian Chelsea Handler yesterday. We asked fans if they thought the two, who've been seen out several times since the VMAs, are actually a couple or if they're just friends. According to our poll, 67% of readers choose yes, while 32% voted no. Guess we'll just have to keep an eye on these two. Maybe Chelsea will stop by a blackjack table to help 50 and Mayweather win a little something?

Mostly we here at RapFix talk about news, culture and the conversation behind the our scoops, but sometimes, just sometimes, we catch MCs doing things that aren't always best described as hip-hop. We support everyone's right to live their lives and it just so happens that it's pretty fun to watch our favorite rappers do just that. So this, dedicated rap fans, is why we've hatched Spotted!, also known as our very own excuse to observe your favorite MCs in the "real."

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