50 Cent And Chelsea Handler Meet In Malibu

While 50 Cent and Chelsea "Chelsea Lately" Handler keep saying they're not dating ... the two keep popping up on what look to be "dates." Lunch in Malibu (as shown above), holding a conversation in a dark corner in a New Orleans club right before 50 performs ... you be the judge.

According to Us Weekly, the pair had lunch and then departed in Fif's Rolls Royce. While Fif flirts with the possibility that the two might be a couple, Chelsea ... not so much.

"I'm not banging ... I'm not banging," Handler confirmed on her E! show last month. "He wasn't singing to me," she added. "He was singing and I saw it ... When I have something to say, I will say it on this show. There's nothing to talk about. Seriously."

On the other hand, when 50 Cent's asked about the situation, you can almost see his trademark smirk through his quotes.

"I'm not gonna answer that question!" he joked before admitting "No, I'm not dating her."

"Yeah I did send her flowers [after the VMAs] ... why not? ... I think she's amazing," he added.

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image courtesy of Us Weekly/ Fame Pictures